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  • jetstream1103 jetstream1103 Jul 6, 2004 11:48 PM Flag


    the deal by a month allowed Intersil to sandbag
    (who knows what Lou will cook up for Q2?) its second quarter and trim almost 25% (at least) of the cost of Xicor. And, as we know, the Board doesn't give a "Crap" how well the retail investor is doing (and Lou specifically, and by name, doesn't give a crap about you-know-who)....

    It may be time for Institutional holders to rethink their support for this deal. A change in position would also, naturally, carry with it the need to review current Xicor leadership....



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    • Jet, if one were going to opt for all cash in the buyout, I can see your point about the Xicor price. If, however, you are going to take the deal as offered, $8 cash plus .335 ISIL, or all ISIL, I can't see how it makes that much difference.

      I agree with Log that the deal is fine and we would Xicor would be far lower without it. As for sandbaggin, I guess we will find out at the end of the month. By the way, I didn't know Lou didn't like you. I would take that as a compliment as it means you are an activist as an investor.

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      • "If, however, you are going to take the deal as offered, $8 cash plus .335 ISIL, or all ISIL, I can't see how it makes that much difference."

        Can't see WHAT? DIFFERENCE between what?

        Realistically, little could stop the deal at this point. If it did, however, Lou might have some of the same problems Kerry had vis-a-vis what he said during the primaries about Edwards.

        The Xicor product announcement today was a good one especially as a much lower heat coefficient over the competition.

        I the only vocal stockholder arguing againt reappointing BG as CEO going foreward (while recognizing B "NM" G for the effecient No-Fab Model he completed). Lou is a staight-shooter. He's has plenty of opportunity to say he "doesn't like" (as YOU put it) me.
        Now that posting rules are in limbo, here's his opportunity to speak on the record - on this esteemed (wait, I'm on ISIL's board...)


    • C'mon Jet, tell us how you survive living in that vacuum!

      Take a look around the semi industry. Given the recent and widespread carnage, do you really think Xicor would be at 13.87 without the merger? And if the merger were called off and Xicor had to pay penalties, where do you think the price of Xicor's stock would end up? $6-7?

      We'd all like to have gotten a sweeter merger deal, commensurate with what Lou and company are getting, but we didn't. But I'm not about to cut off my nose to spite my face.

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