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  • gravytrainau gravytrainau May 18, 2005 10:12 AM Flag



    Did part of my education in Australia so can answer your question on Melbourne and Greeks.

    After WW11 many displaced Greek persons went to Australia as immigrants and then more went due to the political unrest in Greece during the 1950's.
    Add to this some family reunions and the greek Pop. is quite large. As most of the Greek migrant hostels were near Melbourne they naturally gravitated towards that city creating
    allegedly, the largest Greek Pop. outside of Greece.

    Impressed with your paternal defence of XB. Is he one of your progeny? And..use of the word didactic suggests someone from an academic humanities/sociology background.

    Given others have rallied around XB thereby adding to his already overdone huff n' puff factor - wondering whether or not I have inadvertently come across a not so cladestine gay neo marxist cell.

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    • Gravy,

      Thanks for expanding on the Greeks in Australia phenomenon.

      As far as defending XB, if you had frequented the board in the past, you would have seen many spirited discussions between XB and I. I know that I said that XB could be "didactic and overbearing", which would hardly qualify me as a sycophant, let alone a member of a "cladestine (clandestine) gay neo marxist cell". As far as education, I have two degrees separated by 20 years of service in the military. First degree in English; second in accounting. I don't consider myself particularly gifted, but I do raise the "bullshit flag" when it seems appropriate.

      You know, your messages are usually well reasoned and inciteful until you feel compelled to put zingers in the last paragraph. Whatever. By the way, I suspect you are English or from an English education system as you wrote the English spelling of "defence" vice the American "defense". Both, of course, are acceptable.

      What do you really think about ISIL?

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      • A military boy with a career bookended by degrees. Is that the American post war dream or what?

        Yr sense of self discipline comes across btw.

        Yes some of my education was in Britain.

        To ISIL,

        As already stated it is being played with by the insti's therefore valuations are difficult to make and dangerous to rely on.

        If the US economy is trundling along to the precipice then the big money is looking to come out at best price so intermittent pumping/short squeezing and dumping hard into sucker buying strength is a tried and proven tactic.

        On the other hand if all that is claimed ( in positive context) about ISIL and the sector comes to pass then ISIL could do well.

        opinion; If NOTHING goes wrong ( oil keeps going down, inflation stays in check, the currency isnt routed, semicon forecasts stay strong etc) then it probably will be a $25+ stock over the next 9 months.

        The ISIL run up thus far has caused me deep suspicion as to its sustainability. Lotsa short covering, insti short squeezing tactics and far to many spikes on miniscule volume.

        Either way, I wish U well on yr long. I sold out today and took the profit.

        btw what did U do in the services eg supply and logistics, front line combat ready unit?

        Should add a zinger here but it would be wasted on a Moron muthafukka.

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