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  • lesspain_moregain lesspain_moregain Mar 22, 2000 11:34 AM Flag

    Need Help on RTQ

    Where is a good site to get real time quotes? need a simple way since I'm new to this.
    Thanks in advance.Good luck to you all

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    • rather than stupid argueings. After a big run up,
      there is always a small profit taking, then the circle
      repeat on good stock (not on bad stocks). If you believe
      ISIL is good, then the circle will repeat; if you
      think ISIL is bad then you are better than analysts
      from underwriters. Before last big run up, this board
      is very informative, and no hypes.

    • Maybe what I should have said was just that I
      disagree with your analysis. I am not at all saying that
      ISIL won't dip, it very well may. I'm just saying that
      it is not tracking the market or necessarily even
      the chip stocks at this point. As you said, it went
      up before the market rallied, and it has drifted as
      the market has moved up. This is due to specific
      circumstances surrounding it because of its recent IPO. In
      other words, it is a "special case."

      ISIL got
      beaten down to $47 during all the pre-Greenspan fear.
      Then the brokerage coverages seem to snap investor out
      of their daze and they recognized that ISIL deserved
      to be higher. Then, independent of the market, it
      jumped. As usual, investors exaggerated the move.
      Regardless of what the market did the last few days, ISIL
      was going to drift down. You can't just jump from $47
      to $70+ in one day and expect to hold those gains. A
      pullback and a basing is healthy.

      If ISIL drops, it
      won't necessarily be because of the market going down.
      Likewise, if the market moves up, ISIL will not by
      definition follow. As an IPO, investors are watching it to
      see how the management handles being a public
      company. Do they know how to keep up interest in their
      stock? Do they know how to communicate their progress in
      transitioning their business to the higher growth wireless
      areas. Will additional coverage come?

      what I'm saying is they need to show what they've got
      before they get lumped in and move with "the

      Good luck.

    • Well, you know that "pop up"? It was more than
      just a "pop". It was more of a spurt. The other day,
      it "spurted" 27%, which is spectacular by any
      measure. Many mutualy fund managers would kill to have
      such a return - in a year. The stock certainly got
      ahead of itself and it needs some time to breath. So,
      it's taken these past couple of days to do just that.
      And, sure, the market'll have an influence on ISIL.
      Which stock *isn't* immune to market sentiment? But if
      you ask me, ISIL won't dip much further than it
      already has. It looks like much of the overhead's been
      eliminated and the selling pressure's been light, as
      evidenced by today's action. As I see it, it's clear
      sailing from here.

      A fellow ISILer,


    • i can tell that you are long on this
      employee perhaps?...

      dont let your emotions talk
      without the benefit of your intelect...

      there are
      many wireless related companies that are a better buy
      today (key word = today).

      isil is a good
      company but dont be blind...if you are a serious investor
      you should know about opportunity cost (cost of not
      doing option b because your selected option a). We are
      here to make money not exance insults...

      but i
      guess it would make me feel better so here it its shit
      head!!!!...well i still feel the same ...let me try it
      again...shit head!!!!

      now i feel better....

    • ISIL ran up because of upgrades and the fact that
      the internet and communications are headed wireless.
      The fiber component companies had there run and still
      are, and when wireless is in full swing so will

      This stock is gold.

    • That is my point...ISIL POP UP was prior to the
      market run up & prior to feds announcement. It was based
      purely on buy recommendations...

      Since then the
      Market has its run up but ISIL has been neutral to
      negative the past two days..

      If & when the market
      taked a breader/dip it will take ISIL with it...FUTHER
      DIP FOR ISIL..


    • What you said makes no sense. First you say that
      ISIL has not participated in the run up the last few
      days. Then you say that if the market/chip stocks fall,
      ISIL will fall at a higher rate.

      Now why would
      a stock that did not, according to you, participate
      in the run up, fall harder in a downturn? History
      would tell you it is just the opposite.

      By the
      way, let's all just realize that this stock was $47
      not too long ago. It jumped a great deal, giving some
      people a real nice profit for just a few days time. Now
      we've got some profit taking, plain and simple. Big
      deal. I'm sorry everyone is disappointed that it
      doesn't just go up everyday. If any of you know of a
      stock like that, please let me know.

    • Here is my concern...after the POP...ISIL..we
      have been neutral to negative the past couple days
      even with the market & chip stocks have been on a
      bounce back up but if at any time the market or chip
      stocks takes a breader...dip will ISIL but a a
      much higher rate.

      It smells like a dip waiting
      to happend...

    • Download the Datek Streamer from,... It works pretty good.

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