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  • atomicgravitywaves atomicgravitywaves Nov 23, 2005 10:26 AM Flag


    I hope management learns something from this; like not lying!!! lol

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      Someone around here is an IJIOT! Jammed if I know ...

    • It won't take 5 years. You are also on the wrong side of OMM today and in a big way.

    • I know that is a large amount but He must be concerned about the remaining 2 mill.I bought a small amount at 18 based on PE and earnings.If it goes down I sell at a mark I can afford without hurting my portfolio.I have had my experience with holding a stock to the bottom but lawsuits mean nothing but BS.Make it your responsiblity to watch and respond quickly.If you like the stock you can always buy back in.I do not short stocks it just seems fishy. Good luck to all

    • And the stock is presently up 2%. It must not scare anyone.

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      • Please. Why would it scare anyone?

        This silly lawsuit makes no sense. Guidance doesn't mean anything. Companies, in my opinion, should never issue it in the first place. It gives investors a false sense of optimism. The future is always blind and hindsight is always 20/20.

        If you buy a stock based purely on guidance you are making a huge mistake with your money. You should buy a stock because you believe in the fundamentals of the company, such as their financial strength and their business model. You should use historical numbers and avoid making overly optimistic assumptions that could easily prove incorrect. Buying purely on future earnings guidance is a purely speculative endeavor.

        Clearly, some moron investor poured way too much of his savings into this stock. He bet the farm and lost because the future is inherently unpredictable. Rather than blame himself for not taking the forward-looking statement disclaimer seriously, he blames the company for not reaching its own lofty goals. Shame on him for being so reckless and irresponsible. If he were a true investor and took his investment seriously, he should attend the annual meeting and demand answers from management instead of whining about his misfortune.

        There is no basis for this lawsuit. How can you prove that at the time the guidance was issued, the company was knowingly and willingly making false statements to investors purely for the sake of inflating their stock? Does he have some sort of internal memo we�re not aware of? At the time the guidance was issued, there appeared to be a very rational basis for their assumptions. It's not like they said, "today we're earning $1.00 a share, but tomorrow we expect to earn $15.00 a share." They issued guidance based on historical growth and what they were expecting to see at the time. Tell me, were their projections really that different from the analysts who cover this company?

        Bottom line: they set a goal for themselves and they failed. That happens. If you invest in the stock market, you must be prepared for that risk - otherwise, go put your money in a CD and stop whining. If he thought the issued guidance was rational and took it seriously then he is as much to blame for the optimism as they are.

        I suspect this case will be open, shut, and tossed out the door. Brokers and companies get these types of lawsuits all the time, and my guess is that almost all of them get dismissed.

      • This stock is going nowhere but down long term. When you see one cockroach, you know there are many more behind the wall. Good luck longs, I am short this pig.

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