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  • csllp78 csllp78 Jan 4, 2006 4:42 PM Flag

    just the honest truth

    you got to give it to the shorts who thought this company was in trouble about a year ago. the honest truth is that this stock has lost more than half of it's value. the shorts were right. now...more concerning...this stock is on a fairly precipitous slide down. you longs who all probably work for the company, you can argue it any way you want, but net out your emotional connection or your quest for rational excuses, and this stock is damn near its 52 week low and the trend is not good. i would be very concerned if i was a shareholder. not just b/c i've lost more than HALF of the value of my stock, but b/c this management scares the hell out of me. some people (read: Rubin's) have made a LOT of money. who's gonna lose? not me. i've been in and out. right now i'm out and watching this baby die a slow death.

    Applica is trading at $1.70, and Salton at $1.99. i say, proceed with a boat-load of caution as this company could be headed the very same way (down). i wouldn't be surprised to see $10 soon. and don't call me crazy, like you longs did when many predicted $15. guess what...we're there. just the honest truth.

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    • You have it exactly right. everyone is guessing what mondays number will be but what I know is that they will miss. It will take a change in management to turn things around. Avondale covers the stock and they are saying to stay away.

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      • The stock has a miss priced in. You don't trade this cheap without those negative expectations. Any number in the ballpark of current consensous the stock will rally. This could very likely be a case of the stock rallying on a miss because it wasn't as bad as anticipated!

        I'm not familar with Avondale but I assume they are sell side research. You do know that studies on sell side research have their sell recommendations outperforming their buys......

        I agree that a change in mgmt would do wonders for the stock, but by NO means is a change necessary for this stock to rally. Mgmt just needs to tone down expectations so they aren't consistently under expectations. I love a stock with a decent business that has consitently under delivered. Now there are no expectations and negativity is at its highest, people are bailing and it creates an excellant buying opportunity. If you buy this stock in a year you shouldn't be disappointed.

    • Keep on investing with your emotions!!!

      I can't believe your comparing HELE to Salton. Salton had one fad product, the George Forman Grill.

      Helen sells hair care products under the trademarks Vidal Sassoon, Revlon, Helen of Troy, Sable, Salon Edition, Hot Tools
      They have personal product brands such as Brut and sea breeze. The sell household products under the OXO soft grip brands. Granted there no P&G but there also a far cry from Salton!!

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