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  • kdl356 kdl356 Mar 22, 2006 6:26 PM Flag

    Facts about Short Recommendation

    So that this Message Board is aware of the complete facts about Stephen Leebs' short recommendation in his newsletter, The Complete Investor, it is important to know that his short recommendation of HELE was not recently made, but rather was made in his December 2005 monthly newsletter, based on HELE's closing price of $l8.02 on November 30, 2005.

    Obviously, anyone who followed that recommendation would be in a losing position currently, as HELE closed today at $20.02.

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    • Leeb's latest monthly update, dated March 1 and available on his website, states:

      "Among our short positions, significant movers were ... and Helen of Troy (HELE) 10%. Although our shorts have moved against us, there have been no major changes in fundamentals that justify such significant moves. A stronger, more forgiving market, short covering and positive publicity are all factors in the movement of these stocks. At this time, we are keeping our short recommendations as these stocks are significantly overextended. We will continue updating you on new developments and/or if our opinion changes."

      If it was a good short rec at 18, it may be a better one at 20.

      Leeb's original forecast, that HELE earnings would continue to shrink, is so far correct. He did not stipulate how long it would take until the market awoke to the reality, only that the company's performance has been deteriorating and will probably continue to do so. In time, the stock price should reflect that. So no, I don't think it's "important to know" that his reco first came out in December.

      Most message board posters own the stock, hope for the best, and hate contrary opinions. But somebody on this board mentioned a newsletter shorting the stock and another poster mocked him, so I posted the info. Heed it or ignore it as you see fit. Nothing we say here will make much difference anyway.

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