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  • makingdoe makingdoe Dec 20, 1999 10:15 AM Flag

    Closing book on HELE...

    Best of luck for all who holds on.
    Had hele
    for little over a year. Before then, was always on
    the move up.
    Since i bought, has been a roller
    coster ride but held on until today.
    Cant meet my
    objective from these reduced levels.
    They may have some
    big issues.
    Good luck to all

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    • Let me guess myth manger...........this is a long term hold.........long, long, long, long long, long.

      • 2 Replies to Fish4Dough
      • My posts were based upon the assumptions of: a)
        managment integrity and b) management competence. The
        proof, however, is in the pudding.

        At the risk of
        delighting no-nothing doom-sayers who happened to be right,
        this company is all wrong. Management represented last
        quarter's results as a glitch and then stated that there
        should be a return to profitability provided that retail
        sales at year's end were high.

        Retail sales are
        doing just fine, thank you. Hele, however, isn't
        participating. I don't know the specific reason since I have
        neither a crystal ball nor a decent analysis from Hele.
        But, whatever the reason, it's damn clear that HELE's
        business model ain't working despite last quarter's phone
        conference in which management expressed its faith in the
        existing model.

        Now, the question is no longer
        whether to sell HELE. The question is when. Each person
        will have to decide that for himself.

        I don't
        know whether Hele's management is comprised of liars
        or of incompetents. But, based on last quarter's
        representations, it is comprised of one or the other or a mixture
        of the two. Clearly, there is a problem here.
        Clearly, it hasn't been identified or disclosed or

        We're back to the old childhood chant: "Fool me once,
        shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Well, they
        fooled me once. I permit that. But, they won't have a
        second chance.

      • lets review

        1. p/e has now expanded to 12
        at current price of 7.25

        2. going into the
        weakest qtr. you have no hopes of a recovery in fact .6
        to .8 is more

        3. what
        happened to the new + business? sales
        don't reflect it
        and if it's successful what part of the old is
        screwing up. yadda yadda yadda....gotten very tired. I
        guess old felix with his 250 shares new something. What
        a joke
        no wonder no insiders have

        4. lynnmike as much as I loath her, not that she
        shorted but the person she obviously is
        has far better
        information than the longs.

        5. and for the above and
        the poorest of manners in which this company has
        I bid you goodbye.

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