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  • bhobbit8 bhobbit8 Mar 9, 2007 8:48 PM Flag

    New patents- probably not important...

    This is a continuation from "another view" thread, which was getting too long IMO.

    Milkweed- perhaps abondoned was a little strong, but I do think it is the case for the quassinoids. If the other patent on Molecular conjugates was important I would think TPPH would issue a PR.

    Anyway, from the just released 10K- the company does not appear to be working on any of this and I do know the new funding the company got last year can only be used on 287 per their agreement:

    <On November 16, 2004, we decided to discontinue research on our genomics products, excluding Huntington�s Disease, and close the Genomics division. We terminated our research agreement and patent funding with the University of Delaware and Thomas Jefferson University in December 2005 and subsequently discontinued our research activities relating to the Huntington�s Disease program in January 2006. We also terminated our research agreement with MD Anderson in December 2005 and subsequently discontinued our development activities on TPI 284, our peptide linked cytotoxic compound in January 2006. In June 2006, we discontinued the study of quassinoid analogs.>

    In fact I believe you predicted some time ago all this stuff other than 287 would be dropped. You were correct.

    On the negative side, yes they will probably raise more money later this year- just that when one looks at their history they have been able to do so when the stock was up rather then the case a year ago when they did it after a long price fall. So my guess is they will, most likely with the help of the new investors, try to move the stock higher on a series of news events prior to another money deal which would be a lot less dilutive then the last one. That has been Lenny's style in the past, he just needed some new investors IMO to help out.

    Besides the likly ASCO presentation on Phase I, Lenny mentioned in the conference call that some of the questions regarding Phase II would be answered once Phase II trial had started. In general, he is saying the company will be more forthcoming with needed info this year.

    But yes, with him it is always a wait and see.


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