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  • bobdbeck bobdbeck Apr 12, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    AI (Arlington)

    Just bought 1/2 position in Arlington Asset. Not being taxed as a REIT so divvys are considered qualified. Pays 13%+ and has been on the move lately. Used today's pullback to pick up some.

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    • robin0635 Apr 15, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

      Bob: Added info on AI - the price of 25.26 is the same sell price of the 3.5 million share offering that occurred on March 13th, '13 - (something to consider); company appears solid on reporting last week but limited up-side - (dependent on how securities hold-up/QE not going anywhere in the immediate future) -- next divvy not till after summer doldrums... I've never been good on calling a 'bottom' so I leave that to you and turbo... In re turbo, I hopes he finishes taxes soon because the next few days/weeks will tell the tale of where the market heads...

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      • Robin, as bad as yesterday was... S&P was still about 1550 in the aftermath (!). So much more room to drop if the market was so inclined... Yesterday's action may have flushed some weak hands for the near-term though I suspect there are a few folks that will have yesterday top of mind in the coming days, and will sell into strength. Whether they will outnumber everyone who saw how "bad" yesterday looked, then saw how resilient the market was today, and become all the more bullish as a result... Who knows.

        I'm hopefully within a few days of wrapping up my CLMT trade, plus I have a catalyst at the end of this month which could notably impact one of my larger holdings. Also have an Apple trade going so need to see how the market reacts to earnings (Apr 23rd). So, in the short term I'm in more of a hands-off period re: adding new bets, I don't want too many risks going simultaneously especially with a toppy market. A good time to start some DD on new potential stocks (ai, etc) to potentially generate some conviction, allowing comfort to buy on price pullbacks.

    • robin0635 Apr 15, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

      Bob: AL closed @25.26, a drop of 4.06%; Are you going back in to average down or holding??? Saw that you purchased on 12th, but I held off, was waiting to see what this weeks quarterlies would be; held believing revenues would drop across the board, which they did - Question: hold for a few more days or start buying small allotments now??? - SDRL beaten up badly today and NATDF is dead money till NYSE listing; NCT now below officers purchase price (didn't see that one coming) and if spinn-off doesn't occur until April 30th all bets are off there too... Any suggestions???

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      • Hi Robin. Actually I saw early on that this would be a horrible day so I stayed away from my computer so as not to be tempted to sell something. Just logged on and saw that AI had dropped significantly Will definitely keep an eye on it as I now like the price for another buy but who knows when the selling will subside. I have no worries about NCT. With the dividend already declared and "x" that will have no effect on the spin off. I'm still firm that everything is hinging on the SEC's approval, which could come at any time. As I posted early this a.m., I don't think the spin off and distribution will come before May as they will most likely have to wait a bit after approval to distribute the shares to shareholders, similar to what TWO is doing with SBY. When this drop settles there will be some nice buying opportunities.


    • Sounds worthy of some DD -- amazing yield, especially for qualified divs. With stats like that, I'm sure there must be some corresponding real dangers here too though. Additional details appreciated if you have the time! Thanks

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      • My main concern was and still is the amount of shares CEO Billings has sold over the past 6 months. I've had companies before where certain officers always sold whatever shares they received in their compensation ASAP. I was itching to take a position in AI for a few weeks but it continued to run away from me. Today's broad selloff in the sector gave me a chance for 1/2 of my normal position. I'll wait for any further pullback for the other 1/2. Made a quick $15.00 today :~) LOL

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