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  • robin0635 May 24, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    NATDF - Time to BUY on weakness???

    My opinion - yes... Always buy on weakness and you are being paid to wait...Dividend is right around the corner and listing on NYSE should occur in June after CC meeting on May 28th... Been here for the long haul and doubling down... Opinions pro and contra welcome...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • IMO this post would have made more sense back when NATDF was between $8.30's and as high as $8.80. Since early March it's basically been averaging around $9, so whether it's $8.92 or $9.11 lately, I don't see those prices as being an indication of anything for this thinly traded stock, or current price being "weakness". It is very close to the past couple month's norm.

      The May 28 conference call may be a polarizing event. Afterwards we could very well look back on today and say "Wow, should have loaded up more in the $8.9's". Or we may look back and say "Wow, should have sold at $9 before this thing dived back down to $8.3 again (and then reloaded at $8.3's)."

      Flip a coin on the outcome, but please be aware that it is a very real possibility the IPO gets pushed off in an ambiguous manner again, past June. And with the continued waiting plus additional damage to management's credibility, that could send the stock down hard once more.

      I own a significant number of shares and have no plans to trade in or out either way.

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      • robin0635 May 24, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

        Turbofever: You may be right that it could go either way, but I'll gamble on something finally happening for the good... SDRL must perform adequately and maintain its current distibution rate or the market will punish it since the previous divvy was moved up in December - If that goes well SDRL has no excuse not to go forward with the NYSE listing... Of note, another divvy x-date announcement for NATDF lessens my overall investment cost...In re, 8.30's if you remember, I doubled-down then to bring my cost basis to 9.60... This latest purchase now cuts that in half to 9.25, excluding dividends paid.... For others you are probably correct as usual ,but for me it works out fine - with next month's divvy @ approximately ..22 my cost basis nears 9.03/p/s... As always I value your opionion - Will have to get advice on options in re LNCO and RNF once this market settles too... Always a pleasure...

        Sentiment: Buy

    • robin0635 May 24, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

      At 8.92 this was a steal!!!