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  • sammee42 sammee42 Sep 11, 2001 3:06 PM Flag

    God Bless America

    Pray for all the victims of this horrible
    devastation that has hit upon our shores.
    May God keep and protect us..............

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    • and I understand. I still am long on ABC.

    • on this. You again speak the truth and have stated a measured step. I agree, God Bless
      America. I will be there Monday Gonz.

    • Gentlemen-We will all become stronger because of what has happened, our wonderful country, our personnal emotions, and our economy!
      God Bless America!! Hope to see you all on the board Monday with a new desire and hope to overcome and succeed.

    • It wasn't that what was being written was offensive (it wasn't) . . we all feel the pain and sadness and could all write volumns.

      Let's try to maintain focus here on ABC going UP UP UP UP UP & UP !!!!!

    • I have stated my opinions and will cease those
      not related to ABC. One thing I doubt if things will ever be the same in this still great country. Maybe by Monday we will all be back to talking about ABC and what is going on there. I do have concerns about it. It is just
      my mind (as well as most of America) has been elsewhere. My thoughts were not intended to offend. Those long timers on this board ought to know that. If I offended you I apologize to you but do not for the thought behind my remarks. Gonz and Serp have a good day. You two are some of the leveling thoughts on this board. Keep us on the center. This Southern Gentleman bids you all a good day. God Bless America and ABC.

    • There is a time and place for everthing.

      This is the place to discuss ABC.

    • Gentlemen-Iknow everyone's feelings and emotions are running very high right now and people are coming from different thoughts and opinions on which direction we should go, but I ask one question,are these the kinds of discussions we should be having on this message board. My feeling is that those conversatins need to be held on appropriate message or chat rooms and leave this one to the business it is designed to discuss!
      Please understand this is in no way meant to be critical or judgemental on my part, I am as concerned as everyone else.

    • The times that I am afraid I will trust in the Lord.
      Put on the whole armour of the Lord.
      His vengence is swift and terrible.
      God bless you sammee42 you and your family.
      May the Lord lift up his countenance and smile
      on you. Surely may his goodness and mercy follow you now and for the rest of your days.
      May God's wrath fall on those responsible.

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      • What happened yesterday was horriffic. I feel for all those who have died and those who lost loved ones.

        Former Marine that I am, my initial reaction was that whoever is responsible for this act must pay time ten.

        As the day progressed and I thought deeper about what had occured, and watched the news and saw people cheering the devistation, I paused to wonder why they hated us so. What have we done or are perceived to have done to deserve such hatred?

        To state "May God's wrath fall on those responsible", poses an interesting paradox . . God to whom they pray exacting his wrath against the US for what we have done? I hope not. Does God pick sides?

        Should we react with an attack times 10? I WANT TO but at the same time I wonder if now is an opportunity for taking a different approach, an approach towards peace. If peace is attempted and fails, we can always destroy them tomorrow.

        Whatever happens, May God have Mercy on EVERYONE.

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