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  • wcrimi wcrimi Nov 20, 2001 11:17 AM Flag

    Cramer Likes ABC

    Now I'm worried. He's a moron. :-)

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    • How is it that a man that ran a $400 million hedge fund with a long term compounded return of 29% after fees considered a moron? Do you read or The man is right a lot more than 50% of the time, and has called the market better than almost anyone for the last two years. He said to take profits in the tech bubble in March 2000 and has been correctly bullish this year in certain defensive stocks like ABC, UNH, PFE, MO. Just how do you consider his record moronic?

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      • I wouldn't call him a moron. Nor would I call him a genius either. He's made notable errors throughout his career that he has managed to work through. Luck has played its part. 'His' (he was part owner) hedge fund return speaks for itself, however.

        We all like to boast about glory but our mistakes make us what we are too.

        No more OT chat on this subject from me. Sorry ABC longs.

    • Thank you very much!

      Bulls make money; bears make money; but pigs go to Chicago. In this oversold condition, many tech piggies may find their way to Christmas dinner.

      Earnings matter! Health has earnings and will outperform over the next six weeks as surprise after surprise afflicts tech. There will be some tech winners; but by and large, the consumer cyclicals should perform here.

      Price down today on light volume. I added to my position.

    • I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I see stocks such as Yahoo still going up despite lousy earnings and growth prospects while ABC dips. Best of luck to Yahoo longs. Don't forget to sell before the stock dips below $10 again (and possibly makes a new low).

      Shaking his head at this crazy market....

    • A moron, huh? Harvard law grad, editor of The Crimson, rich, successful, wife and children. Have you done as well as the man you call a moron? I doubt it.

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      • Cramer issued sell signals on tech in March and April and people long tech hated him for it. He started calling the end of the bear in July. In hindsight, he was three months early, but his calls this year have been better than most.

        Personally, I consider all talking heads as informational points from which I begin to do DD. Investing is a personal responsibility; not a collective endeavor. I put all of Cramer's picks on a pad with other stocks I find that have high recommendations from guys like Gabelli, Price, Jim Miller etc. and begin my analysis. Anyone who blames James Cramer for investment failures is the real moron for failing to do their own homework. Lazyness loves excuses.

    • This time last year Peter Eavis predicted Nasdaq 1500. He was riduculed by James Cramer. More recently, Peter Eavis has predicted Nasdaq 1150. We'll have to wait and see if he is right again.

      Regarding Conseco. Historically, shares trading under $10 go to $1.

    • Cramer likes the health care sector in this current environment. I like it too. I'm up on this stock after buying in a few days ago. Secondly, shareholders who held ABC stock yesterday can look forward to receiving a dividend in early December. That's not moronic. It's successful investing.

    • So would you feel better if Mikey said he didnt like Life cereal anymore and said he liked pharmecutical distribution companies like ABC? Cramer may indeed be a moron. I am unfamiliar with him.

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