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  • abcworkers abcworkers Jun 30, 2002 11:53 AM Flag

    All of us should be mad

    Our new company just announced that they are dropping the medical benefit of years of service and age that add up to eighty. If you are not familar with this benefit you should be. I know if you are young and do not plan to stay with the company it probably will not bother you. But you see myself and alot of other employees are within a few years of getting this benefit. What this benefit did was to make it cheaper to get medical by being able to stay on the company plan. This plan was not free by any means. You still had to pay for your medical, but you got it basically at the company rate. THIS WAS A GREAT INCENTIVE TO STAY WITH THE COMPANY. The reason was because you actually could retire lets say at 55 if you had 25 years of service in. The company says they are dropping this plan for the betterment of the medical plan. This is B.S. give us some numbers to justify this. Every employee should be mad as hell this is a benefit that someday you will wish you had. I would like to see as many employees post messages as I can. As you can see I do not use the word associate in my post. I believe if we were truly associates we would not have this happen. If ABC really wants to cut costs cut the salary of the people at the top. Quit paying these big bonuses to the board,quit paying big money to the board for just meeting a few times a year,quit paying people like Martini 7 million to get out. This is B.S. cut from the top and treat the people that have gotten you those millions with respect and give them some incentive to stay with the company. If they are going to do this what kind of company are they. What are their feelings towards employees and customers. I can give you one example of what they think of our customers and the dollar. We just got word we are subbing out all of our routes, we are getting couriers. Our customers had been happy with our own people delivering. But to save a buck we are getting out of the delivery part of the business. They say we can not deliver as cheaply as the couriers. Well guess why, not only will they be delivering our freight but Mckesson/Cardinal and anything else on the same truck. Now what do you think that will do for custoner service? SO WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THEIR PRIORITY? PEOPLE AND DOLLARS, OR JUST DOLLARS! --------WE NEED BOTH---------

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    • Strong buy and lose your !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree. Remember it is not Bergen that has made these decisions, it has been AmeriSource. If BBC had not made the decision to sell itself, think where the stock price would be right now. You won't see me complaining about the $70/sh. I remember when BBC was at 10 and going down down down, not up up up!

    • Well thought out good response. Measured and accurate.

    • Johnnie,

      I agree 100% with your regarding speaking out when things are wrong ... as we both know all to well ... if you speak to much and don't have management support (or incriminating photos) it's likely your days will be numbered.

      As for Jefferson, etc., in all respects they were traitors to the King/Queen of England (their government) ... but since they colonies won the war (and independence) they are heroes (rightfully so). If the war had been lost they would have paid with their lives and be forgotten.

    • Re: Rule of 80. As a long-time associate, I am very upset as you are. Unbelievable that they would take away this benefit! As I understand it, there is no cost to the company to provide Rule of 80 benefits other than administration. I think the best thing to do is for all those nearing that timeframe should post questions to the internal Q&A. Remember the 401k loans? Something was done about that because of numerous inquiries. It's worth a try.

    • ABC should not eliminate benefits long-term employees have counted on as they near retirement. (A better approach would be to create a "2 teir" benefits package with the new plan in effect for anyone hired after a specific date.

      As for executive compensation, don't sweat what the exec's make, be happy for them. If you're being compensated fairly, what's the problem? If you're not, and you've been there a long time ... why have you stayed? Maybe money is the most important reason after all.

      Some may think 7 mil is a cheap price to be paid to be rid of BM.

      Contract drivers vs ABC drivers. Years ago when BBC outsource deliveries, they said the same thing. I've not seen any hard statistics indicating contract drivers are any worse or better than inhouse drivers. Will any drivers be picked up by the contracted delivery service?

    • Corporate America is all about profits and not the average worker. Look at Enron, World-Com,
      Xerox. Cutting costs in the world of today means only one thing--cutting employees and their benefits. Salaries at the top will not be cut nor will the buyouts. Only a very small percentage actually reap the profits.

      Look about you. Service in America is a thing of the past. Gordon Geeko runs America and greed is good. Like it or lump it that is the way it is. You have the choice in the sense you have to decide when enough is enough. Chances are very slim of going back to the way things were. Good luck to you and your fellow employees (I never thought employee was a bad word and associate always left a bad taste in my mouth). May God bless you all for ABC surely never will.

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      • The real world is the little people in the company that make the so called big wigs rich and we get cut backs. The stock dropping may be a payback to the so called people that run the company. I wish I could say I am sorry for them but I am not. The only one I feel sorry for are the people that can not sell now. The stock is dropping like a ROCK and we cannot SELL. Because we are in the BBC 401K plan. Does this sound familiar???????????????

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