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  • coldstorage5 coldstorage5 Jul 30, 2002 11:52 AM Flag


    This stock is a stud. its coming back strong.
    should hit $80 soon. Buy buy buy!!!!!!!

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    • I agree wholeheartedly. ABC is a victim of the market shakiness no matter how sound the stock may be.

      Caution out there people.

    • >>But one analyst asked about the rapid increase in the number of shares outstanding - we don't have time to fully answer that question now, can we call you back later. Is this what you are referring too? <<

      THe share count went way up because of the merger. Since then there has been some slow dilution that is probably related to stock option exercises. No different than virtually every other company.

    • Listened to conference call. The company sounds very strong. But one analyst asked about the rapid increase in the number of shares outstanding - we don't have time to fully answer that question now, can we call you back later. Is this what you are referring too?

    • Don't be lulled asleep by what seems to be unsignificant charges. Most of this is for the upper management sweetheart deals approved by the "bobble-head board of directors. It has and will cost ABC shareholders millions of dollars by vastly overcompensating upper-management, especially at BBC, for what can only be kindly viewed as past sub-par performance.

      Let's hope government regulation helps to control this type shareholder abuse demonstrated by corporate leaders who's real motivation is personnal greed. Let's hope the funds excercise their powerful rights by using their votes to maintain a board of directors that does more then rubber stamp everything management wants. Let's hope that stock options are accounted for as expenses and can only be sold, by those having the options, after departing the company. It all sounds a bit Herculean but it is this type action that is necessary to rein in corporate greed.

      In summary, let's hope the shareholders at ABC have learned from what the past and do everything possible to see that the abuses we now pay for as "unspecified merger related charges" are never again allowed to happen.

    • As of the writing of this message ABC is down $2.10. This has been a highly unstable market lately. With all the bad news about hokie accounting one can not always be sure what is next. I am DEFINITELY in this for the long run or more accurately a little while longer. I find it interesting quarterly marks are out and at this time the stock is down.

      I will be the first to admit I have no crystal ball to tell me what stocks are going to do. Numerous factors can affect a stock as well as you know. I see reasons for caution and not overtly wild enthusiasm. Nothing is written in concrete here and the prudent investor knows stocks no matter how good can be dumped by the market, succumb to rumors, or worst case plain fraud in accounting practices. This is not the case I percieve in ABC as yet.

      However, whatever I write here is my opinion ONLY and not meant to be a slam against ABC. I benefit when the stock goes up. I am absolutely convinced the rough times arent over yet and what that means for the stock I dont know. So we could see "up up up up" as you put it or we could see "down down down down" due to outside pressures, more bad accounting, or the revelation of something unknown now.

      You asked me to deal with it. Well deal with someone who is not afraid to speak his mind even if you dont like to hear it. You have every right to be as enthusiastic as you wish. I have every right to be as cautious as I want to. It is my money I am dealing with not yours.
      So deal with that and expect me to be who and what I am. I am no Rick Puma but you sound like one although you do tend to be more factual that that idjut ever was. Besides you know me and I know you and I doubt either one of us will change. Just keep a good dialog going and beware of your surroundings.

      A true Southerner's viewpoint

    • if abc is so great how come it sold off with the market? if the dow tumbles again 5or 6 hundred pts...betcha lunch in san diego abc
      will carefull about hyping a stock
      like that...bob

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