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  • it_will_go_up it_will_go_up Mar 16, 2010 3:38 PM Flag

    Buy monster good stock PRAA for the big short squeeze rally

    PRAA reported excellent earning reports on 2/12/2010 that beat analyst projections easily. The stock went up 18% that day, and it has been going higher and setting new highs again and again since then. PRAA rally is so strong that it set 3 consecutive closing highs last week. It is taking a little consolidation break now, but it will run for new highs again soon. Do your own DD on PRAA, and you will like what you see. The PRAA rally has only barely begun. Pick up PRAA before it goes much higher.

    PRAA is in the business of debt collection, which is booming in this economy. It is probably the safest and best industry for investment currently.

    Institutions like PRAA so much that they bought more than 100% of PRAA stocks already. Those extra shares were from stupid short sellers that oversold the PRAA stocks. As of 2/26/2010, there are more than 3.8 million shares (26%) of PRAA stocks shorted. This gives the stock a huge upside potential because shorts have to buy and cover sooner or later, and with more than 3.8 million shares that shorts need to buy, PRAA has the potential to more than double its stock price.

    Cramer called PRAA a monster good stock:

    Buy PRAA now while it is still cheap. PRAA is probably the safest and best investment in the market currently.

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