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  • skip_away_98 skip_away_98 Oct 7, 1999 11:18 AM Flag

    Headed down, again

    Looks like shares may breach 20 !!! What is up with this puppy?

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    • This stock continues to underperform. Who knows where the bottom will end up. I'm out.
      Dr. Al

    • I've heard that before you sell a stock you
      should weigh all the other options out there. If you
      can't find a better one than you should not sell. I'm
      sure there are better plays out there, just curious
      what sector or stock you are focused on


    • hardly any volume and slipping. The only thing
      that will stabilize this stock is good y2k news and
      thats 12 weeks off. UNTIL THEN DOWNDOWNDOWN. "pushy".
      Well her pushiness led me dump all my shares. Wait
      until the institutuinons start dumpin. Want to make
      money? Mary beth told me anything with the word health
      in it is screwed

    • Well it ain't bad news. Salomon says $23 price in next 12 months. I think they are low. I still see $28 as Y2K picks up.
      Dr. Al

    • I just talked to MaryBeth. I did find her a bit
      pushy which isn't cool. However it seemed like they
      needed a little push to get thier stock moving. I urged
      her to put out some press releases about all these
      new accounts that they said they were generating in
      the last earnings report. I mentioned how there is
      very little news on Yahoo and if the company is not
      going under than investors need to know that. She says
      that they continue to get new accounts every day. She
      also says that they only put out press releases about
      things that they think have meaning. I guess her and I
      have a different idea about how to manage a

      $45 dollar price target from DLJ


    • Spoke with mary beth in investor relations today.
      First off she is rude! Second this Co is going nowhere
      for a very long time. Before they had told me
      earnings are good. Now, they will not comment! When will
      it turnaround? I was told 2 months after y2k fears
      are over. NICE I AM OUT!

    • Well it would be nice to buy it out if they were
      looking for earnings growth. However, right now this
      sector seems to be in a funk. I still think if interest
      rates hike up with inflation Drugs and utilities are
      the next flow of cash. It is good to see all the
      bearish (negative) posts. It is a good sign for those
      wanting a steady return over a few months.
      Dr. Al

    • With a market cap of 15 B should buy out this POS with its measly 900 M cap

    • One thing is certain : people listening him make profit by sorting the stock. eom.

    • First call put out some kind of note that was
      disseminated through the street . The note was not public!
      Likely their group of analyst have discussed positive
      As for merril lynch that analyst should be fired.
      His reasons for putting a hold on the drug
      distribution industy were nuts. Y2k fears and the rhetoric
      about uncertainty in future health coverage based on
      politics. If the US doesnt cover non-generic drugs come
      2002 (the earliest it could take place) then they will
      have to cover generics. Drug distribution co's dont
      which is covered as long as something is. When my dad
      was going through med school 60 yrs ago he was told
      then he would be practicing in socialized health care.
      Every year the same thing being told. Today the stillt
      the same threats. In presidential elections
      candidates are going to have to make stands on prescritpiton
      drugs. if they attempt to decrease coverage in any way
      they are done! can you imagien the public outcry if
      they deny people over 65 medication. Also those 50-65
      would be shaking in their boots. Together that is over
      50% of the vote. Bottom line nothing will happen
      because no one will want to deal with it.

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