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    • Good question, however, I'm not sure I have a
      real good answer for you. Here's what I would suggest.

      #1, you are wise to put it in terms of a number of
      days worth of average trading volume.

      #2, The
      WSJ puts out a piece a couple times a month showing
      short interest (1 piece covering NYSE & ASE, and the
      other on NASDAQ). These stories list most if not all
      stocks, their short interest, the number of average
      trading days volume to 'cover' those shorts, and the
      largest increases/decreases in short positions.
      it's been awhile since I've seen the WSJ pieces on
      short interest, I'm at a loss as to what would be
      considered high. Personally, I would think that anything
      much over 5 - 10 trading days to cover would be pretty
      high, but I'm sure that they get much higher than

      Hope this helps,


    • harry you damn near answered a question that i've
      been trying to find a answer too for several weeks
      LOLUME ?
      question applies not only to the banking industry but as a
      general rule of thumb
      thanx for your help

    • You hit it on the head, nuf said. Regards, Ken

    • You're right, the period of topping I referred to
      actually involved a range of $43 - $48 3/8 over a period
      of ~1 month. That's roughly where our support is,
      and considering we bottomed intraday @ $46 15/16 on
      Friday, I would say that we have at least begun our
      visitation of that support. If it is to hold, we're likely
      to 'test' it again. I suspect that 'test' would at
      least involve a return to below $48.

    • Sebanks, I see you check out the profile's to,
      have you notice the Book has gone from 20.14 to 21.61
      in the last 3 weeks. Also, as you said about the
      shorts, down from 1.7 mil(5%). Why haven't they updated
      the dividend info?

      Harry, looked at the chart
      and see what you are referring to, but looks like the
      support level is 44 - 46, I could be wrong, I can't make
      out where the dam lines stop at most of the time. You
      explained it much better then I did, thanks.


    • short interest information came from the profile section on this web site.

    • Ken: Support for stock price. From a technician's
      standpoint, prior peaks (areas of resistance) often predict
      future areas of support. In March 1997, UPC peaked
      around $46-48. Therefore, we are there. If we were to
      break below this support, we'd probably see

      Sebanks: Yes, short interest declining is a good thing!
      Thanks for pointing that out, and by the way I'd love to
      know what source you are using for that info.

      FYI, short interest has nothing to do with options.
      With stocks, we buy low and sell high (hopefully).
      Short sellers just try to it in reverse order, and
      'short interest' is a published figure of the total
      number of shares in a particular stock that have been
      sold short (ie. without already owning it), and not
      yet repurchased.

    • Hope so Underground. You know, it's hard to find
      a good support level for this stock if you look at
      the charts since UPC has been pretty much climbing
      since 96. The only prolong level I could find is 60 for
      a few months, and since we are way below that there
      is no telling, in my opinion, how low this stock
      could drop. Something has to happen pretty quick, this
      puppy is starting to hurt. Regards, Ken

    • Based on UPC closing price, a bank investment
      portfolio manager could put UPC stock in their holdings and
      get a 5.68% yield after the dividends received
      deduction - 20 basis points higher than the 30 year
      treasury!! This is common practice at many large bank
      holding companies that want a leg up in a bidding war or
      just want to make some easy money in case of a sale. I
      think that when portfolio managers see this, they will
      buy UPC.

    • Thanks for the info. Ken

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