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  • UPC stock has declined 27% from its high. They
    have 12 pending acquisitions totaling $13.1B and you
    want them to strap on $20B ASO? UPC has gone around
    the south telling banks to join with them that they
    too would soon be acquired. Well, I don't know if
    that dog will hunt anymore.
    It has been expressed
    on this board & in investment pieces that UPC is a
    great acquirer, but the jury is still out on
    I don't think there is a bank in AL that UPC could
    presently handle(ASO, CNB, CBSS, RGBK,or SOTR).
    Seems to
    me, the far better desire of an UPC shareholder would
    be for UPC to team up with a proven management
    leader like FITB. Then let FITB acquire an AL bank.