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  • kenpock2 kenpock2 Aug 27, 1998 8:10 PM Flag


    Harry, I figured out how to get to that article I
    posted on earlier if your interested. When you go to
    YAHOO, click stock quotes, then scroll down to LATEST
    MARKET NEWS, click any article you wish, at the bottom
    of each article is "MARKET NEWS" where each story
    from the day is posted. The one I referred to today
    was at 11:11.

    Mac, do you think we are close
    to the bottom now?
    Regards, Ken

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    • I agree with Hogfan, and I'm buying all I can scrape up the cash to acquire. Best banking buy on the market.

    • Unless there are some internal problems we don't
      know about, UPC is the most over sold bank in the
      southeast. UPC tradeing at 10 times 1999 earnings estimate.
      The stock has very little downside risk and huge
      upside potential. Dividend yield twice that of all SE
      regionals. Don't know about short term, but long term UPC is
      a strong buy. I'll be buying before holiday

    • Be careful before you jump into upc. Rumor has it
      they will be taking a major write down on the ST.
      Louis bank they bought. Not sure of the name but I was
      told it would be in the 90,000,000 range.This could
      have a defastating effect on the stock in this crazy
      market. I own a large amount of UPc and do think long
      term it will be a big winner. I will probally add to
      my postion after the loss is reported. I think it
      will come out before year end. A 38 price is a 5.26
      return. That would be great. Then let the stock go to 60
      or even better a sell price of 80+ This is my first
      post but have found the board to be very intresting.
      Good Luck to all in this wild market

    • A. Because these types of activities are exactly
      what defines an open market; if the SEC were to adopt
      a McGovern-esque tactic designed to defend the
      "little guy", we would spread the union/socialistic
      mentality that has decayed the rest of this country's

      B. At 2 times book, I agree that the wheels will
      fall off of the merger train.

      C. (Unsolicited)
      Don't we all wish that we had bought Union Planters
      CD's instead of their stock!

    • Take a look around and see what's happening to
      the market as a whole. I do believe you have the
      blinders on. There is no way UPC management can control
      the stock price in this environment. You are being
      very short sighted. I can understand your concern but
      in the long run all will be okay. If anything buy
      now if you can.

    • These comments I welcome responses to.
      A. If
      short selling by the big players is
      driving this
      market down , it is time for the SEC
      to step in and
      stop the practice. Too many little
      investors are
      being hurt.
      B. UP's performance today is just
      another example
      of how the announcement of another
      merger clobbered our
      stock. At 2 times book where
      does management get
      curency to continue to buy.
      Like someone posted weeks ago
      is management going
      to merge UP into a negative value?

    • Agree 100%.

    • Except for director Bailey, those few insider
      sales were just a minor part of their holdings. Looks
      like most insiders are continuing to hold on to their
      position (as most of us stockholders are inclined to
      It may take a few months for UPC to recoup this
      drop, but I believe it will do so in spades, and will
      add to the previous highs in a few short months.

    • Sold followed by an S is an "open market sale", Squinky Bean. Your all CAPS are obviously meant to impress someone but I'm not sure who.

    • there have been no insider sales the last 11
      months only options exercised which were reported as
      sales. Management is in the foxhole with you so don!t
      dispair. Use this as a buying opportunity. Help is on the

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