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  • wellsliq wellsliq Jan 16, 2007 7:23 PM Flag

    Earnings announcement -worst year ever

    Wake up and smell the porcupines?

    Do people ever get it?

    Cramer is cuming and the sector will abort upwards. Look what the clown prince did to wtr the least growth stock there ever was, outside of the European infrasturcture
    that baked the stock. Hello, Viviendi bombed and WTR had
    to refinance Vivendi's investment, which was 40% and going for a takeover - smack that. I was there when that happened. Nobody at WTR ever explained how they did it.
    The invesment people that were there weren't there long after that. Figure that. Who bought Viviendi's 40%, maybe Cramer. He baked the stock. Somebody find out who bought Viviendi's 40% and let me know.

    Wake up. Every banking stock will gain 2, that is two,
    two as in 2, within the next 5 months.

    Wake up. When the players shake, it will bake.

    Just sit back and sniff the mint juleps and the horse shit.

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