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  • bdplayer bdplayer Aug 5, 2011 11:20 AM Flag

    Dont rush to take profits tomorrow

    Euro, are you getting out of PCLN before the closing today or staying in over the weekend. Is this a good time to buy for nxt week, hoping it will pick up more? What other positions do you find attractive at this time? Thanks for your help again.


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    • Hey, BDplayer

      I got out today at around 535 - when PCLN pulled back and then tried to run back up…I cashed out all my stuff…I made about 15% in this trade. I was hoping for more but I ll take what i can get in this market…

      Today, i got 100 shares of BIDU @139$….I think it is a good entry point and I plan to ride it to 180$ by xmas (30% ROI) is my estimate. Once market start to recover, those strong companies start to move up fast and BIDU will be one of them….

      I just traded BIDU month a go (before earnings) i got in at 152$ (100 shares), sold it at 166$ post earnings. Now I am buying some shares (be little bit safer in this market) here at 139$ and I can see this stock potentially hit 180-200$ by xmas. It was at high 160s post earnings few weeks back so once market move higher, this stock is going to fly up fast (just like GOOG and APPLE will too)

      So, this is my trade short term…I will be back to PCLN for NOV and FEB earnings.

      I AM OUT…Catch me on BIDU forum sometimes…Take care and wish you best in this money making business.


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      • Good job on playing the PCLN earning game. I was OUT of PCLN holding a few minutes after market open yesterday via my pre-set sell limit order $540/share to close my PCLN earning play as well.

        Very tempting to get back into PCLN close to $510+/share at market drop but decided not to due to Friday and with this market "sour mood", it's not a good strategy. But then, PCLN rebounded right back to $534+/share ... Oh well!

        Will return to PCLN when opportunity allows ... depending on how the market react to the U.S. downgrade ... Live one day at a time in this stock market environment!

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