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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 26, 2013 10:30 PM Flag

    More lessons for AMATEUR PCLN BASHER #$%$ and why your PUTS are already WORTHLESS


    Ladies, as a trading GENIUS, which is what I have proved myself to be numerous times (and if you doubt me, then go ask the LOSERS and FAILURES on the rare earth, gold, and silver message boards, who I WARNED more than a year ago about the CRASH in rare earths, golds, and silvers), let me impart one OBVIOUS reason why purchases of PUTS in PCLN is a LOSING cause, 95% of the time.

    Now ladies I have already shown you how 90% of the PCLN small float is owned by fundsters and banksters who collude constantly to WIPE OUT AMATEUR BASHER DUPES like you .....and if you doubt me for one moment that there is COLLUSION, then ask yourself the following:

    how is it possible for earnings to be released on the PCLN website, and before the news even hits the wires, the stock is GAP UP $30 in an instant?????

    Ladies, in a normal market that is NOT rigged, it takes fundsters and banksters some time to digest the earnings announce before they take action....yet that did NOT happen today and, in fact, PCLN GAPPED UP $33 in a heartbeat, before the earnings even hit the wires.

    In other words, ladies, the put WRITING fundsters and banksters already had INSIDE INFO handed to them by PCLN ( whose execs they also control, as one would expect in any stock in which the fundsters and banksters own 90% of the float), and they collusively GAPPED UP the stock within seconds of market close to ensure that ALL their WRITTEN PUTS would be WIPED OUT immediately. They were NOT going to leave the reaction to PCLN news to chance, they contrived a GAP UP MOVE long before market closed.

    Now ladies, SMART market vets like me understand how this rigged game works but it never ceases to amaze me how many AMATEUR PCLN BASHER LOSERS fail to see THE OBVIOUS and they continuously toss $$$$ down a toilet betting against THE OBVIOUS.

    Ladies, stop believing in fairy tales, DISINFO NONSENSE from CNBCrapola and other big media SHILLS for "The Boys," and take a hard cold look at REALITY as it happens to be. ALL your PCLN PUTS will be WIPED OUT tomorrow, no matter how many brief burps downward are contrived by the fundsters and banksters to convince you otherwise.

    If you got SCAMMED again into buying WORTHLESS PCLN PUTS, then race to close them out tomorrow AM for whatever residual value remains, and grab as many IN THE MONEY PCLN CALLS as you can since this stock likely will rise at least $70 to $100 by the time the market closes tomorrow. That is what the fundsters and banksters who control the float want, and that is what they will get!

    IGNORE all PHONY weakness in PCLN stock trading tomorrow, it will be contrived by those COLLUSIVE fundsters and banksters to DECEIVE and DUPE all AMATEUR PCLN BASHER LOSERS into sustaining or increasing their ZERO VALUE PCLN PUTS.

    Live and learn from your intellectual superiors, and LEARN!!!!

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