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  • insect_insight insect_insight Mar 11, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Yes, I remain a trading GENIUS, and PCLN BASHER FAILURES remain LOSERS ROFLMAO


    Ladies, time to head for the golf course, where the WINNERS of the world PLAY, while all my sweet little AMATEUR PCLN BASHER FAILURES, all dressed in their cute "suits and ties," continue to lead lives of quiet desperation.

    Ladies, re-read ALL my posts on this message board and EDUCATE yourselves about how stocks REALLY trade, NOT the NONSENSE DISINFO purveyed by the big media shills, acting on behalf of the slimy fundsters and banksters who own and control 90% of the float of PCLN, and who easily push it upward upon a whim, in order to wipe out the WRITTEN puts that happen to be their main income generating vehicle for ALL triple digit stocks like PCLN....and analogously, who act to DEFEND stocks like PCLN from any notable price decline. That is STANDARD PROCEDURE, ladies, for ALL stocks 90% controlled by the fundsters and banksters.

    Ladies, WRITING out of the money PUTS In PCLN, whose controlling insties constantly defend the stock from any notable percentage decline, is as close to RISK FREE money $$$ PROFITS as anything I ever discovered in the stock market, and you can do it on a NAKED basis without one speck of fear, since the fundsters and banksters quite obviously WRITE PUTS on both a covered and a NAKED basis. Ladies, when you are a fundster or bankster in control of 90% of the share float, when you can act collusively given the complete absence of antitrust enforcement by the market regs, when you effectively own the firm and the management puppets who "manage" it, then you need never fear any kind of notable decline

    Ladies, you can only make major $$$ profits betting WITH the fundsters and banksters, you can NEVER make a notable dollar betting against them... CLOSE OUT ALL YOUR SOON TO BE WORTHLESS PCLN PUTS for whatever residual value you can grab, the majority are CERTAIN TO WIPE OUT WORTHLESS again, as they have done MOST OF THE TIME over the past year.

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