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  • jimn2 jimn2 Aug 13, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    Actually, CTIB earnings are steady..

    In this recesion, CTIB is proving to be a good, steady bet.. Thelost referred to by the previous basher is minute and this company has a good steady product mix..They are surviving quite nicely in this recesion and with the incredablylow float, they will do just fine...I'm sure fund managers will notice..

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    • "Thelost referred to by the previous basher is minute"

      That it was, but I was referring to the potential savings regarding the lower costs for latex. Where did those savings (which looked to be substantial vs the previous Q) go?

      Certainly not to the bottom line. Maybe there were no savings. I don't know.

      Do you?


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      • They stated on the call that low price of latex will show up more in the third -4th quarter and going forward and guided margins higher-so its somewhat a lag effect. Latex he said was 5.80 in the first quarter and like 3.70$ now so what they buy now in second quarter should so up going forward. The real key is SC johnson bag going to 2000plus stores-wall mart-target- that carry lot higher margins- He said significant increase in business in second half of the year.

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