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  • jabbonda jabbonda Aug 2, 2009 6:08 PM Flag

    Limit the risk by finding bottoms

    Yeah with these pharm. stocks it sometimes takes more then just a start of a trial to get appreciation. more like a successful end point , to get things going. I don`t think we seen bottom yet or where real close to it The chart been declining from the start. Either way there are to many stocks with a lot more on there plate getting the attention, Especially some with approved drugs on the market. JMHO

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    • From what I hear(no guru myself)there are 70 plus pharms watching the 1b results. Additionally, even if Phase II is a consideration to prove some value, then the 1b for reverse heperin is also going to count towards some of that Phase II study.

      Read the falconer's(he has a biology background)post and he mentions once even the slightest twitter of success of 1b gets out this company will be looking much different in its' valuation. He is cautiously optimistic this could come soon given we are near closure of the study.

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      • Hi Wirthsuze, hope your having a nice weekend.

        Now, back to Poly's movement.

        It appears you've got the information and desire for this stock to reach the peaks we've all discussed from time to time on this board. However, Jabba. has not placed a post to this board that I can find and the other places he has (including ILE, for all you ILE'ers out there) have been on the mild to moderate basher side. In fact some of his posts to other stocks have been about not reaching bottoms quite yet, etc.....

        I don't really know what that is suppose to mean to you, me and the many others on this board, because were'll in this thing till the end. However, it's so strange how someone like this poster will show up from time to time offering information of a mild to moderate negative tone, as if he's testing the water.

        Oh well, maybe it's just because I just finished watching a good Law & Order Criminal Intent and I have my detective side going. Or, possibly I just don't fashion to new posters with these type views, especially when it's been his/her first.

        Anyway, thanks for your continued support and I really believe as you do, that positive things (news)should come from the testing by late month.


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