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  • Ironman_129 Ironman_129 Dec 22, 2010 4:00 PM Flag


    I don't expect it to hold but, up almost .21 today. All on a single upgrade from R&R. Imagine what happens with good trial results! GLTA

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    • As refreshing as a cool mountain stream. Merry Christmas. Brock

    • Love it when you talk dirty Vermillion. With that very tastefull Bio-Chemisty comparison, it's as if I'm back in college.

      Too bad it's been 30 years since such activities were common place. Oh well, what the hell, bring it on!

      I've got to count on you Mountain, Eastern and Mid-westerner's to keep this Texan happy and informed.

      Oops, sorry Brock, how could I have forgotten the South? Well, I didn't figure you needed any prodding!

      Have a good one guys (and gals),

      Tim (TMLTCC)

    • Rats, anotated chart link did not work. Guess I need to be a member. Anyway, low for next cycle (assuming no news and slow drift down) looked to be about .95. Good place for the fishermen to set hooks.

    • Yes,

      R&R gave us a nice Christmas present. Don't know much about their credibility on stock price targets, but traders, and hopefully, new investors gave them the benefit of the doubt. Amazing, as there were no buyers in sight for several sessions.

      I don't think there is any doubt what good news from phase II trials would do for this stock.

      Don't know if this stockcharts link will come thru, but I tried to look at the stock cycles (volatility or pump and dump if you like), and the potential uptrend, even as these cycles continue. Use of Tech analysis on speculative biotechs may be questionable, but investor psychology is still a big factor.

      Time to enjoy some small molecules with -OH functional groups.

      Merry Christmas!

    • Agree. Thought it was a good day.

    • Yes. Nice day Bo. I think Camero and Miss Cleo may be a little wishy washy. Brock

    • Stock was up over 20% yesterday on over 700k shares and today corrects around 4% on a third of the volume...........................thats hardly a pump and dump.

      Really nice day.........................Merry Christmas longs

    • There are an awful lot of shares instantly under water from yesterday's late day trading. Tells me a lot of ametures are in this stock. Whatever the long run brings here, in the short term this is a pump and dump stock, and is being strongly manipulated by smart money. If all goes well, no-one will care. If not, anyone not selling into the pumps is going to get burned.

      The big seller is still here and will pressure this stock until it starts trading in the million share per day range.

      Hope it holds a buck. Good luck in 2011, when we find out just what Poly has got. Still looks very promising to me.

    • Well lets see a .21 run-up or a 23% gain in one day and you predict profit-taking? A blind man riding by on horseback at midnight could see that one. You're a mensa right?

    • You must have a real shallow support system in your household or is that just your own cranium. Especially since your just grabbing at attempts to get some "postive vibs" out of your drastic posting habits.

      Good luck and Merry Christmas anyway ther Fake Niner.


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