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  • djuengst2000 djuengst2000 Mar 12, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Post RS stock price and market cap predictions

    Assuming a 50:1 RS at ~ $0.10, Poly would be at ~$5. A 25 mil stock sale would roughly triple the shares out there (check my math). How is the market cap going to follow? A third of the market cap would be ~ 3 mil (~$1.7 pps) but Poly would have 25 mil cash. Anyone care to explain how a company can have 8x more cash then their market cap.

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    • it's market cap would adjust to reflect the new stock price times the outstanding shares which there would be more of due to the stock offering/sale, so the 25million would be built into the new market cap. current longs will hold a smaller percent of the company after the split and financing the concern is that this money will not last more than 18 months and they will have to do it again (another financing) and repeat until either they get enough revenues to sustain their spend, or run out of issuable shares again and then they will do what? Pipe line dreams don't last forever.

    • You really think so? The PPS broke a significant barrier today, going under $.10 for the first time this year. It hit a low of $.074 before bouncing back to $.09. My concern is that this is a harbinger of the future. If so, say goodbye to NASDAQ listing. Poly could still RS and issue shares but would have to remain on the BB.

    • Bo-- thanks for the response. I agree with you! It is a shame that Nic wasted the talents and potential of Poly. But it is a new chapter. I agree that strong leadership is necessary... I'm liking what Smith is doing.... this is not easy and I wouldn't want to be in his shoes... I always liked Scott and the new CMO seems to have been able to develop a relationship with FDA. I'd like to see what this team plans.... I'd like to see some execution vs excuses.

    • Anyone care to explain how a company can have 8x more cash then their market cap.

      Come on, really? I cant even begin to tell you how stupid that question is, especially as it applies to a post finance pymx. All you need to know, and I am purposely making this simple for you, is that post pymx will have about a 35 mil market cap, a Naz listing, 25 mil in the bank( depending on if they payoff midCap),and a 2b study go ahead with FDA approved endpoints, and Mucositis start also. It will be a new company with a real listing and institional investors. If we get a real ceo(and I am sure the search is on) this will be one of the cheapest bio's on the planet: If you still believe in IP, which pymx shareholders will continue to own.
      Shareholders here may want to continuely gripe about the past, but post pymx will be all about the future.

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