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  • marjan1z marjan1z Mar 17, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Say Goodbye To 1 $ ( before dilution )As An POLYShareholder

    The fifty-for-one reverse stock split of PolyMedix's common stock will take effect at 5:00 p.m. ET on Friday, March 15, 2013. The Company's common stock will begin trading on a post-split basis on Monday, March 18, 2013.

    few simple and very entertaining mathematics

    lowest value of shares 13. 03 2013 0.07 $ the new 50 * 0.07 = 3.5 $ SUPPORT
    average share price of the last days 0.105 $ .............. 50 * 0.105 = 5.25 $
    resistance 0.16 $ ............. 50 * 0.16 = 8.00 $

    The beauty of things is 1 $ the old now the 1$ ........ 50 * 1.00 = 50 $ the new. How nice. Say goodbye to those numbers you don't see 50 $ (the old 1 $) anymore.

    If POLYMANAGEMENT they're doing is 'best for shareholders'....maybe they should shell out some of their own personal cash, make a few buys....and see how it feels to simultaneously watch your holdings get cut 50-fold and be diluted.

    From $1.37 last March to .11 today with a couple of pathetic bounces in between. All the new "news" has had, if anything, a negative effect. Who believes in this company? Not the market. Not even most PYMX investors. Certainly not current management which collectively owns a microscopic amount of the stock.

    Now comes the deadline for repaying $18m.They will stick strictly to an agenda that includes only the reverse split and issuance of new shares and nothing else will be discussed and no other info will be forthcoming. It's all a done deal anyway because there is no choice anymore. Would have been nice if before things got into permanent crisis mode, they would have considered alternatives. But pride and incompetence have been the operating principles. Now, we're all just passengers on what will most likely be a very diluted ride to nowhere. Less

    and Bocamp and others can not spit and do not be angry. Too high blood pressure is too serious disease.

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    • Its hard to understand why you would show up here again, after purposely altering an SEC document (form 4) to show inside selling when there was none, Marj. I guess now you think you are in the clear since RS approved. But, if finance has a problem you still could be in legal jeopardy.
      Are you just a liar? Are you just plain stupid? Maybe both. Your support/resistance levels are just silly. No one applies pre split penny stock analysis to newly capitalized, Naz listed company.
      Your "facts" are borne of lying(form 4) or just plain ignorance. PYMX does not owe 18 million dollars. That was only the sum that Midcap demanded be raised if pymx was going to continue to own IP. They were(are) owed 6.8 million and according to indenture had that right to make such demands. AS pymx will raise about 25 mil, it is a non issue. They can pay Midcap back the 6.8 or continue with loan.
      And as i told your other short buddy, watch for insiders to buy some of the secondary; and at the same price many members of the SH group can buy.
      So marj, I would tell you not to ly or say anything stupid(factless) in your future posts, but that would just be saying please dont post here anymore.

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