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    • Now this board is getting interesting again... But in my experience, every company has its set of rumors of sexapades of Sr. Mgmt and they're usually coming from jealously or sheer boredom.

      On the CIO article, they've been writing this same stuff for years, but it does highlight where Gartner has failed in Marketing 101. They've ignored the importance of positioning themselves as providing information that is of the highest quality and not available elsewhere. And ignored the operational reality of ensuring that to be the case-allowing the best talent to leave, no real pipeline of talent, and no formal cross-org research discipline.

      That quote about "why buy Gartner if Google is free" is illustrative to my point, but pretty simplistic too.. I can look up legal info on Google, why do I need a lawyer? I can diagnose a nasty rash on my skin using Google, why do I need a Doctor?
      Gartner should have asked the question "why do I need Gartner?" to itself every day for the last decade, and if it didn't have a good answer, make some serious changes....

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      • No rumors on the sexapades. Just facts. The only part of jealousy that is rearing it's head here are the promotions that are bestowed upon the participants. Like they say. It is the oldest profession. The only difference is that payment is now made with corporate dollars.

        You have some very valid points in response to the CIO article. There was no due diligence whatsoever on the part of the reporter to talk to the multitude of IT Executives who have saved millions of dollars by getting good advice from Gartner and other research firms.

    • This article says it all. When I was there, no one wanted to hear the message the CIOs in this article are sending. We're only going to spend x with Gartner. Management's response was always, "Talk about their business issues." Oh really? That will sove everything and get them to spend more with us. No one really wanted to face the reality of the situation. Oh well, glad I got out when I did. It's still interesting to watch the saga unfold though.

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