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  • rivercrags02 rivercrags02 Aug 22, 2004 8:07 PM Flag

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    With reference to China, I'm reminded of a professor of mine, in a political science undergrad course at UC-Berkeley, remarking in class, the month the komantang fled to Taiwan: "be assured, this is but a dynastic change! The fundamentals of China will continue regardless of who/what sits on the throne. The new emperor (Mao) & his decendents will rule as long as they are tough. A "democracy" did not fall this month, there was no democracy, only the standard chaos that has been the interlude between every dynastic change in the past 5000 years. And as strong as the new dynasty may be it will be assailed by the same centrifugal forces that have brought down every preceding family. The geographical determinist forces of China are for decentralization & eventual chaos. We can do business with the new emperor, just forget the "communist" label remembering to cash in your chips when the dynasty weakens!" And, so we are!! Will we know when to cut and run. "China is chaos tempered by Imperial Power."

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