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  • slnk_rules slnk_rules Feb 17, 2008 6:14 PM Flag

    Cash is King?

    How can it be "king" when putting it in the only "cash" equities (Money market and Tbills) gives you a return that is FOUR TO SIX POINTS BELOW INFLATION (more if you take some of the more outlandish statements on inflation.

    You are recommending that we put our money in an instrument (and yes, cash is a monetary instrument) WHICH WILL BE A GUARANTEED LOSS OF AT LEAST FOUR PER CENT A YEAR.

    This is because you have no idea what "sector" investments are, and all you can do is rip and read from broad based financial predictions. Sure, negative four percent is better than negative 10, 15 or negative 20 per cent. But it is still a losing proposition.

    On the other hand, investment in commodities based stocks (metals, base metals, ags, timber, oil, etc) have done very well and will continue to do well.

    I find your continual pratings about "cash is king" to be similiar to a dripping Archimedes standing naked screaming aloud "EUREKA," only this time Archimedes is a retarded house slave bellowing about a dead cockroach in his hand.

    Cash is King? Right. Not while we have Helcopter Ben Bernacke at the helm of the fed, hell-bent on emulating the monetary policies of Zimbabwe to "cure" our financial ailments.

    Long silver. Long gold. Long Platinum. Long Wheat. Long Sugar. Long Oil.

    Cash is king..., over all the rest of the losers, but we aren't looking for losers.

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