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  • clubfoolish clubfoolish Feb 18, 2010 10:05 PM Flag

    Forbes Correction...........

    I'm irate that they STILL got it wrong, and I told them so. Here's what I wrote earlier tonight:


    Thank you for the 'correction'...but...

    You put an INCORRECT 'correction' out, an hour after the market closed and the damage was already done to the stock, and in your 'correction', you KEPT the negative press which helped a sell-off.

    Did you even bother reading your OWN article to see that glaring inconsistency?

    I'll lead you along here - follow in your 'corrected' piece...
    read your top paragraph on HL:
    "While mining giant Barrick Gold beat earnings expectations Thursday, Hecla Mining fell short despite upward pressure from growing silver demand."

    Are you kidding?
    HL BLEW AWAY the so-called expert analysts on the street...BLEW...THEM...AWAY; much more so than Barrick did, percentage-wise.
    I'll let you figure out the percentage upside surprise for the 4th qtr (and please stop confusing full year numbers with the 4th qtr just released):
    Street avg estimate = 7 cents
    HL actual = 11 cents
    Upside surprise = ? %

    Then at the bottom of your inept 'correction', you have this meek little 'correction' paragraph, which doesn't spell out how big a percentage HL blew away estimates from 'the street'.

    Pathetic miss of detail on your part, and incredibly harmful to a great many good people, like we need your help to be harmed more than we little folks already have been.

    Please, put out a decent article TOMORROW to clean up this mess of your own making.

    Here's a decent article, to a much smaller audience than yours...maybe you can use it as a framework for a redo tomorrow?

    Try again, third time's a charm?

    You killed us today, just killed us.

    Thank you

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