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  • speedy.gonzalez96 speedy.gonzalez96 Apr 20, 2010 7:05 AM Flag

    A West Point education

    Excuse this off-topic but this board in recent days has been infested with bashers trashing the education and intelligence of people in the military.

    Enclosed is a link to a 2009 Forbes article ranking West Point as the very best college in America; Air Force is ranked 7th and the Naval Academy 30th. Historically engineering departments have always ranked near the top at the academies.


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    • army sucks at football

    • I find it interesting when one group of people crack on another's education level. After all, was it not these Ivy league jerks that Goldman hires that screwed up so bad that they had to run to Uncle Sam for a bailout? Greed can bring anybody down whether you are Goldman/Ivy League royalty or a high school dropout.

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      • You are exactly right proform! The fact is we have had the "ivy league", the so called intellectual's with their law degree's calling the shot's in this country for year's now. They have done a truly remarkable job--at screwing up most everything they touched!

        I will admit though they are way above avg. in the "communication/marketing dept."-read spin, photo op's, lies & just plain old BS! But that's what law school is all about-spin spin spin!

        While For the most part the avg. "uneducated red neck", the silent majority has gone along for the ride. Spent his/her time going to work & raising a family, paying the bill's trying to survive. Also paying for the grant money lot's of these clown's survive on! Up to now this has left a vacuume for the "anointed ones" to ply their socialist/greed agenda's with little opposition.

        You can lump most of the GS-JPM AND politician's in the same bag on lot's of issues. Don't rock the establishment-we have a good thing going. If caught, deny & blow smoke if possible. When threatened mount an aggressive offense-create some confusion. Lash out at anything conservative-Sara "WHO"? Repeat the lies often enough & they MIGHT become believable! Common tactic's.

        It's not rocket science why so many lefties, and establishment elites are coming out of the closet lately. They are scared. Their whole little world/power is being threatened. It's culture shock for them, the silent majority is getting vocal. Tough times often do this.

        Like future inflation prospect's, pretty predictable pro. I can assure you it[culture clash] will get worse. The socialist whining has barely started. The attack's on anything common sense, values/ethic's, religion, military etc. have just begun. Throw enough crap against the wall & something might stick!

        The good new's, it will be difficult IMO to find fault with HL earning's & C/C coming up. And that really is, or at least should be the priority here for most of us!

    • Has Forbes ever been right about anything?...Other than inheriting all his money?

    • SS used to teach at West Point, ask him all about it. He taught how to pad expenses on Gov't contracts to rip off the American Taxpayer.

    • Thank you a former Army officer and Georgetown Law Alum.

      Speaking of inaccurate stereotype beahavior, it is interesting to see the early stage of a currency re-shift developing. When are we all going to accept the fact that the current monetary exchange mechanism from Bretton Woods is dead! Revaluations of currencies across the board will not mean much in the end when the values of fiat monies are constantly manipulated by short-term thinking politicians + bankers. This is only going to lead to a "race to the bottom" where fiat money will go to its intrinsic value OR hyperinflation where too much paper will eventually lead to the same thing... while excessive taxation in individual countries, inequities between trading bloc countries (EU - relationship of Germany to the PIIG countries), and eventually conflict (most probably armed conflict)go on. Trade and monetary imbalances will ALWAYS be reconciled! Something for nothing + free lunches do not exist! Despite all the hubris, history always shows us that empires are only as strong as the currency it is built on!!

    • Good job Speedy!

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