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  • nsxt2003 nsxt2003 Nov 17, 2010 11:10 AM Flag

    Gawd, this stock has never seen......

    a gain that it liked, and could's always up a little, and then down a bunch.

    Do we get a reversal of fortune.....sometime in the next 10-years?

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    • HL based on future earnings should by all rights be 16-23.00

      HL is going to make the same $$$ per share as SLW..Its just that wallstreet hates HL.

      Who knows why- HL is debt free. The cost of silver is the lowest in the mining industry.. Someone possibly SLW will use stock to buy HL

      My guess is a lowball 10.00 offer when its worth 25.00

    • Nxst-Your justified in doing a little whining. This stock is a BEETCH to trade, at least on common sense!!! Unless one is comfortable looking at 10-20-30% loss's in the position between up leg's! Manic best describes HL! '

      It's not a big deal if one is only trading 100-500shares, when you do 10K-20K-30K+ it is NOT pleasant being off key/out of time-PERIOD! Even when your not on margin. If everyone was still holding from 2-3, it's easy to rationalize a drop, unfortunately many got in lately from 6-9+ , & have legitimate concern's about the last 10day's-I don't blame them a bit.

      Bottom line-Real "investor's" just have to learn to live with the volatility, & keep the conviction. With this puppy it's ALL about knowing your tolerance for pain!

      One of the reason's lately I went back to "crayon pushing"/tech. indicator's for day trades. I believe i've done about 11 recently-only 2 turned sour so far. Although I am still long term bullish as ever, the machination's[or is it MANIPULATION?] defies logic some times. Of one thing I am convinced, there are some deep pocket trading "agenda's" at work here most of the time! My biggest criticism of mngmnt. is they seem to either have their head in the sand while this go's on, or they know d@mn well what's going on & are O.K. with it!

      Believe me nsxt, if I was on HL's mngmnt. crew I would make it my business to investigate the player/relationship's here. From the specialist/market maker's, who is the active trading parties, how much short int. is in FTD, how much is naked & WHO/what broker is lending it out! Just for starter's!! And you could be sure a couple large bank's would be looked at. I find it very hard to believe HL mngmnt. is not better informed to tell the truth.

      While I don't use it enough, scaling in a position leaves a little more room for error BTW-3 step's with discipline seem's to work pretty good. Or do some DD & find a decent short hedge to mitigate the down swing pain. In any event it[frequent trading] ain't easy as "retail" nsxt, only nimrod's experiencing some beginner's luck will say otherwise! Have a good one

    • Have you looked at the 3-month chart for HL? It makes your post look mighty ignorant.

2.48-0.15(-5.70%)Sep 30 4:01 PMEDT

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