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  • swansr72 swansr72 May 16, 2011 2:55 PM Flag

    I have sold my stocks because stocks pay of in flat paper money

    I belive we will have a great chance to buy Hl and physical silver at a much cheaper price this summer. The dollar is not goning to collapse quickly, China and Japan and our other crediters wont let that happen. But it will happen. When it does collapse 90% silver will be the tradeing monetary currency at first, along with 1oz silver coins. 100 oz and bigger bars wont buy much to begin with keep it simple. You will need small denotations to buy food gas and the every day things. Stocks will just get you more flat paper money and you wont be able to depend on stocks for 6 mo to a year when new coins are minted then your 100 and bigger bars can be sold. Rember no matter how prepaired you are protecting your family and wealth will be your responability. You wont have much help from the goverment to begain with. A good supply of guns and ammo even if not needed would be very good for trading.
    I hope I am wrong and this will not happen.
    But do you trust Obana, Secretary of Treasury Gietner and Fed Chairman Buranke to save us

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