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  • dennislawus2 dennislawus2 Jan 11, 2012 2:40 PM Flag

    The Silver is in the ground

    Every variable that constitutes a barrier to converting a resource into inventory makes physical silver and viable production all that more valuable.
    It will be interesting as the balance between legitimate environmental and safety concerns decreases production how soon JPM/CME will realize they need all the production they can get. Therefore, solely for the almighty dollar the dogs will be called off.
    This will mean once again US silver mine production will not be enough to supply the Silver Eagle production. Recyclers better get busy! WE BUY SILVER HERE!!!!

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    • Denis been buying HL since $11 now officially broke and all his relatives and classmates who followed his tout


      Next time, stick to something you might understand.

      Did you know you can make good money collecting used tires and selling them for scrap?

      • 1 Reply to tijax3
      • I have not held HL for months.
        I just post here to bug you!
        I do earn a bunch selling my beer cans.

        FYI- I entered HL sub $5 in Late Aug-early Sep 2010. I unwisely added at $9.50 about a year ago and dumped it after the first Unlucky Friday incident with the brothers.
        As my thread indicates I have always encouraged owning:
        1) Core position of physical PM;
        2) Core position of PM miners, and;
        3) Trading positions for 1 and 2 above.

        The thread also indicates I have favored the likes of Scorpio, Alexco, Kaminak, First Majestic, Fortuna, Colossus, Midway and Silver Wheaton. I also have traded frequently in Cream, Crocodile, Bear Creek, Caza, Mart Resources, Prophecy Coal and Prophecy Platinum. I like a lot of the stocks in the Yukon activity.

        I have not held HL in my core PM holdings since immediately post 1st 2011 mining incident. I have only traded in and HL a couple times since.

        But HL looks very attractive here.
        Greens Creek is worth $4 a share. I will add to HL if it hits 4.39 Thursday.
        It would take an UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT SIGN for me to add HL to a non trading position.

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