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  • david.casciano david.casciano Aug 13, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    do you think anyone heard of hegelian


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    • They drew first blood, lol.

    • ...."Those evil girls don't bother me NSXT."....


      Two (2) sheet fluffers could be an obnoxious combination~~~~~~~

    • Those evil girls don't bother me NSXT.

    • glty next ...i dont own glty didnt want 1.80 and all the cheerleading and armchair geologists and ceo,s was easy to play with wile ussif was in play....put your money in riverside rvsdf or aurcana will be rewarded as hl not nice to shareholders.

    • 7 ruined i see your glty

    • booka, relax....let dave and cole drivel themselves into "white noise" with this thread.

    • For one, any activity directly related to the objective of unwarranted material gain will lower your consciousness level. The reason is self evident in the laws of attraction, quantum physics, causality, and the like.

      Two, our banking system controls everything, from the Central bank to you local teller. Firmly, believe they are more powerful than the federal govt. They will use chaos and fractal methods to influence markets, create direction and conformity.

      Three, you must be willing to accept the fact that everything you have been taught to this date, is completely false.

      Four, I would wager that Hecla was aware of the shaft repairs needed, 10 years ago. Silver being at a lower level has helped heal the wound, so to speak. Silver should be trading higher when the mine opens and Hecla will be all the better for it. Jackson Hole/Fed meeting could send HL flying.

      Five, consciousness levels are high compared to 800ad.

      Six, premises are a component of a syllogism. In a syllogism, you will have a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion. You could logically prove all three points and still fail. For every fact there will be two truths and one falsehood. Just about any argument can be one by finding the falsehood.

      Seven, HL rocks, to the MOON SOON.

    • Wrong. You're no messiah.

      "It has been interesting to say the least"

      I doubt that. Please don't bore us with the details.

      "i still struggle with my flesh"

      Sounds like a personal problem and something that you should do in private, not in public.

    • i use to be a staunch conservative...believing everything fox news or rush would say...I decided to challenge my views with an open mind and allowed my studies/mind to flow where it was intended too.It has been interesting to say the least .i still struggle with my flesh and competitve nature..peace

    • Most people on mb...are not aware of what is going on around them..My point of bringing up the hegelian dalectic was never heard of it and two,if we dont look at what is REALLY being done in the name of ideas or philosophies ,one could lose the true essence of intent.In and of itself the internet is not good or bad,its a tool.The idea that state or world or planet more important than inhabitants is crazy...This is what TPTB want and use eugenics as a noble cause to protect the world from scum...the nonelite...In their words sheep.Pm's in and of themself arenot good or bad...they are a tool.Could be used for good or a nationa ccumulate at expense of feeding and taking care of the population(if that was the promise or social taxes for services)Miners which were thought to be valued as purveyors of the actual money have been in the hands of TPTB through treat or fear as a permit a law could end their operation for proper reasons or improper reasons.See well as other companies who state how big,how long tey been in the business..etc..One could be right with an idea or premice(sp)and get it wrong.When i see all the graft and purposeful unclearity and uncertainty...i realize that any idea you cant hold yourself with your hands controlled by yourself is doomed as the consciousness level is so low at this point in history.Fools continue to believe a redundant message and expect a different this case holding this hl stock...the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.Some will say what does this have to do with the shares of hecla and that is the essence of not awakening and evolving downstream.

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