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  • nsxt2003 nsxt2003 Jan 21, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    O/t.....Day off----I speculate that "lithium-ion battery" technology................

    will make a huge leap as Boeing will (it has the bucks, and the massive incentive of the 800+ back-order of 787 Dreamliners, each bringing in $207MM) take over, and become the leading-edge battery-technology" improvement (or the termination thereof), site on the globe.

    Lithium-ion batteries need a BILLION dollar injection for design improvements, or "something new" needs to be "invented".

    It's not just Boeing that needs a battery technology leap.....we are surrounded by other industries that would flourish (any energy, wind, water) if only we could effectively store the energy farmed.

    My guess is silver will play a very large roll in this (need-it-now) search for a high performance, reliable energy storage device......but it's going to be oh so expensive.

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    • Now the "rocket scientists" sent me back to this thread on "Back to Board" request, from the "Nice base and rally...." thread.

      Weeeee, where am I going next?????

      Next post will be from there.

    • Hello Nsxt,
      The history of energy storage development is interesting. Edison spent more time on batteries than on the light bulb. Whoever "invents" the next big advancement might be the "Bill Gates" of this century.

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      • Battery technology suffers from inherent limitation. You can pack only so much energy, chemically, before you reach its limit. I have a patent app in progress which overcomes this limitattion and stores energy in mannner which is environmentally friendly and is limitless. The energy co's won't talk to me
        because they won't sign a "confidentiality disclosure agreement" which my patent attorney says I must secure untill the patent issues. Two years of patent searches and one year of provisional patent secured indicates that the patent app is secure and sure to be approved. It does use silver and the cost of silver is no deterrent.
        I would like to be the next Bill Gates

      • Yes!!!!

        Effective energy production, storage, and transmission will be the leading "new" technology discovery and implementation disciplines of the future.

        And silver, though "required and expensive", is stamped on most current proven results.

        Best reflectivity, best conductivity......list goes on and on.

        Maybe that's one of the reasons why silver has been held down in value.

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