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  • llong54 Jan 29, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

    Hecla is a $5 stock with a $10 value

    Current PPS is disconnected from fundamental company value.

    There are so many thing that have been resolved positively for Hecla...

    Where to start. EPA resolution, increased reserves, higher quality reserves, reduced electrical costs (look up power plant deal), redone shaft (over engineered), out standing debt paid off, EPA fine paid, and--wait for it ZERO DEBT with 200 million POSITIVE cash flow

    don't forget that Hecla went from $10to $5 when lucky shut down and that was before upgraded reserves--

    So... when Lucky reopens this quarter, I expect Hecla to go back up to $10

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    • Maybe not this quarter but almost assuredly over the next 2 years once they get the other mines into production. They have ENORMOUS reserves and once those start coming online it is simple mathematics that will drive stellar earnings - which ultimately drives the stock price. Buy and hold and make a LOT of money. It's pretty hard to trade around and fight the market makers and other market distortions. Not a terrible dividend while you wait for the big move up. I bought some in my IRA and plan to hold it for years. Could be a $20 stock if things go well.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You can look up hx. for HL at shoshone news press. The miner that was killed was not trained, did not have safety equip. Other incidents injured miners. Mgt. lied, said LF would only be down 2 wks. 5 lawsuits over misleading statements by Mgt. Poor earnings. It was down for a reason, mostly poor earnings. I think that is behind HL.. Scottrade now has earnings estimate at 3 cents for 4th qtr 2012.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 2 Replies to jessegw1
      • ......."The miner that was killed was not trained, did not have safety equip."......

        Miner was out of "safety cage", standing on the"plug of built up cement", trying to wash it away. Not sure if "safety-lines" were still attached at this point. Plug gave away, taking miner down.

        Mining is dangerous enough already, but putting oneself UNILATERALLY at unnecessary risk (standing on tree limb while cutting it off), is a "safety-issue" that is nearly impossible to avoid.

        That's why "dead-man" switches were invented, and the "Use-Your-Wits" phrase was coined.

      • llong54 Jan 29, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

        Mining is a high risk business and people have and continue to die during mining operations--in spite of modern safety procedures/equipment. After such failures new/corrective equipment/procedures are evaluated in the hope that greater worker protection/benefits evolve forward.

        Your point is what? That Management addressed the issues and that it took longer then the their first projection.

        Heh... if it takes longer to get resolved, due to new and better data-- so be it.

        What is your objective/goal in posting.

        Please when posting have some direction/concept--don't just make noise...

        And How about some source cites, beyond pro/bash opinion.

        (note: feel free to ck: historic stock price/silver spot correlations)


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