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  • metalmeister79 metalmeister79 Feb 7, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    So the US Mint is out of Silver. They have to buy silver from US mined suppilers right?

    Or is that just Gold.I can't remember. In any event HL should be trading well north of $10
    but that is MHO

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    • correction; in 1943 pennies were made out of zinc coated steel. worth 25-50 cents today

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    • What does the US need silver for? The only coin that has any of what it is supposed to have is the nickle. During ww2 the fat man and little boy atomic bombs were wired with silver wire as copper was needed more for other mfg in the war industry. The penny now is copper coated zinc. All the mint needs is some collectable silver coins, none for circulation. Mabe they can squeeze the Hunt brothers some more. Rumors occasionally circulate the only coins in future will be the dime and a dollar coin, both zinc or something cheaper. during ww2 there was a brief circulation of lead pennys, wish I had a couple of bags of them.

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