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  • hochunkson Feb 13, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    BIG Short Squeeze Coming

    Ah the ole' "short squeeze" mantra. When have you heard it before? Oh yeah. For every day of every month of every year for the past five #$%$ years.

    How many years of your life do you plan to wast hoping for a short squeeze or silver to $1,000 like Eric Sprott promises every day?

    The whole thing is a farce. King World News is a farce. CFTC is a farce. Money printing equalling high silver is a farce. Silver can barely hold $30.

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    • ownlee short squeeze iz when yous suddenly release a SBD(Silent Butt Deadly) flatuant ann stain un yor shorts.

    • i share your frustration on a lot of levels. believe me. being in miners has been draining to say the least these last couple years. it's one beating after another. come up for air, think it's about to get better and then the beating commences again.

      what keeps me here are the fundamentals. brought me to gold and silver a long time ago at sub $5 silver and sub $350 gold. i look at them every which way and i see them only improving. although this goes hand in hand with society not improving. so it's not exactly a pleasant situation. this is a huge reason why many people are so slow to really embrace gold and silver. because almost by default you have to reject so much of what you are led to believe.

      but i digress...silver had a blow off top in 1980. it was at $11 two months after the high near $50. the average price for 1980 was barely $20. in 1980 the amount of recycled silver scrap doubled over the previous year.

      contrast that to now. we're two years of average prices around $30 or higher. in 2011 scrap supply was up about 10-15%. a jump but nothing like one sees at a true cycle top.

      i believe this is a consolidation before the big move.

      i am going nowhere. the paper market can only control things for so long. i think most of the complaining in the gold/silver market these days is being done by people who had no clue about gold and silver in 2001. i think those who saw it coming then still see it coming now.

      at some point the masses wake up. the boomers are the ones who, imho, will ultimately drive gold/silver to their final levels. perhaps it will be when Bernanke asks them to ignore $8 gas because this inflation disappears when you hedonically adjust it by riding a bike...maybe it will be before then. maybe later.

      but i think it is inevitable. and coming sooner than later.

      we shall see.

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      • hochunkson Feb 14, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

        "at some point the masses wake up"

        I doubt it. Americans for example are the most docile people on the planet. Americans love big government. They love to get screwed by government. They love to sit quiet and watch their wealth disappear and do nothing about it.

        Americans are obsessed with taking orders from government. They are obsessed with the Kardashians and obsessed with being unemployed and collecting money from the government.

        Nothing supports your theory that masses are waking up. The opposite is true though.

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    • and I hope they all drown

    • This stock does nothing.

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    • Support is broke.....flip a coin.

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