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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Mar 5, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    We were hoping the market would take HL much higher to reward Phil Baker and George

    To us anyways, we thought the big investors would drop it, digest it, and then take HL on a tear to reward the merger and the excellent mid tier miner that it formulates. Obviously, AZK wants nothing to do with Alamos and for good reasons. If the market heavy hitters could approve this deal it would happen. Hecla is simply a much better fit than Alamos. The heavies could put a stramp of approval on this thing, and make serious money in the process.

    Phil Baker and Hecla are excellent miners. If the heavies could give Phil just a little bit of air cover he could pull this off. He is a proven industry veteran that has earned a chance to show how good a job he could do with the AZK acquisition. The AZK people want the HL deal.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You are obviously talking about a different Phil Baker from the one I have seen in action. From what I have seen, his concern is not with market rewards, but with personal rewards. As the company has faltered his compensation has more than tripled.

      How can you call him an excellent miner, given the problems HL has encountered under his direction? The only way the market will reward this company is for Phil Baker to take his great experience elswhere. Unfortunately for investors, the market is smart enough to see through the facade and is punishing the shares accordingly.

    • Reward? For bad business decisions!!! You may be fool but the market knows management are fools and are treating the stock thusly.

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