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  • hecla40coming hecla40coming Mar 5, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    For those complaining about 500 million borrowing to buy Aurizon think about what this means

    For those complaining about 500 million borrowing to buy Aurizon think about what this means
    500 million pieces of paper to buy something real gold the only real money.
    Record low interest rates...
    Do you think there will be inflation in the future ?
    Do you think it;s a good time to buy miners at record lows with currency that is set to depreciate in the future ?
    Do you realize that the fed is buying 1.9 in securities each day while hecla largest silver miner in north america could be bought for 1.3 billion ?

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    • hecla..................

      My comment on CDE Outpost cork-board Mar 1, 2013 addressing these same issues.....borrow cheap depreciating money at low rates, or use pathetically undervalued shares as "currency" to buy something?-----ie, dilute the shareholders:
      "gazzbag......HUGE difference between, "borrowing from bank", and "stealing from stockholders".

      You've obviously been severely damaged from years of exposure to Wheelerization, and switching to a regimen of Krebsization (both in the family of mega-delutionaryites) may not reverse this regrettable affliction of, "Not-Getting-It".

      I really don't get, "your not getting it", gazzbag.

      I'm sort-of sure you are here in the PM sector to make money, due to your correct perception that too much money is being created out of thin air by the FRB, hence a good "value-investment" would be the PM's (real wealth) or companies (miners) that actually dig the stuff outa the ground. Same page so far, I think.

      So, if that is the correct hypothesis, then why not "borrow" (soon to be worthless) money from a bank (at decades low interest rates), rather than "float more stock" (soon to be worth MUCH more money)?

      Existing shareholders don't get "diluted".....also a small item to be considered. (Tongue in cheek here).

      Have a nice day, and hope you find a "cure" for this serious thought process disconnect ailment."

      I sure hope Baker reads this board.

    • gasoline went from $1 while Clinton was in office to $4 when bush was in office, 400% inflation. Our world is tied to oil, everything priced to oil costs, eventually will work down to even bread

      Sentiment: Hold

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