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  • seasonedspecculatora seasonedspecculatora Mar 26, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    IMO Clubfoot's Friends and Family Enraged

    IMO the Incredible Hulk has nothing on Clubfoot's friends and family when it comes to anger and rage. IMO the bell is tolling. IMO ask not for whom the bell tolls. IMO it tolls for Clubfoot. Hecla is a dead carp on the floor of a canoe. Silver may go up at some point, just not soon. GLTU. SS

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    • hochunkson Mar 27, 2013 1:03 AM Flag

      Clubfoot shot himself in the foot (no pun intended) by blowing smoke while HL rallied then disappearing when HL went into the sewers. I predict if HL rallies past 5 you will see more of Clubfoot bloating and talking smack.

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    • WOW!!!!........................Get a life.....I know that you have freedom of speech, and that gives you the liberty to spread as much venom as you wish, but enough is enough, don't you think. That same freedom of speech is guaranteed to Clubfoot as well and I don't see him attacking you on a nasty personal level. Anybody's opinion is just that, an opinion, regardless of how much research is behind it. Once you or anyone makes an investment decision, the results are your responsibility...not someone you want to use as a scapegoat for your ego's sake.

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