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  • bigg_redd_rockett bigg_redd_rockett Mar 30, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

    With the new mine purchase BK is a real possibility for HL because of the history

    of very poor management. Poor manange destroys companies and their share prices. Have you checked HL's share price lately........................

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    • Yep, this company is cursed IMO. Look at the chart of the stock going back to 1990. It's never been a long term buy & hold, you maybe could make money trading it but it's been a portfolio killer in the long long. And not to mention a killer of miners. They bought Aurizon and almost instantly a miner in Quebec was killed. This is on top the pile of miner corpses Hecla has in it's history.
      Dead miners + dead stock = RIP

      If they're lucky, some competent company may buy them out for pennies on the dollar and sack their entire management team.
      I saw one of their presentations at a mining conference once. They guy who gave the presentation came across like some heartless, soulless, ivy league dead-head.

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      • Give me a break, you two !!! How is it anyone's fault that the Contractor died in Quebec. My understanding is it was a vehicle crash of some sort. The mine was back up and running the next day. I guess that's the difference between the Canadians and the wrecking crew that works for illegal alien from Kenya !!! The purchase of Aurizon was a master stroke ! A cash generating mine and 3 other projects with incredible potential to grow reserves. It's a great deal and I commend Phil Baker and his team for pulling it off !!! Hecla's problem, as well as every other miner, is the price of metals. This will soon change !!!

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