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  • drawnfire911 drawnfire911 Apr 25, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Another interesting little tidbit from santelli

    This morning that answers some important questions about just HOW diversified are the worlds CB's in supporting economies? Survey of some 60 CBs bank's reveal they are buying baskets of currency & bonds, even the weak ones that many others won't touch. To the tune of 27 trillion fiat! Now throw in "equities" just for good measure! Quite an expanded balance sheet compared to previous decades. His point was what happens should several of these holdings go south at the same time? My first thought was where is the counter balance of holding mostly traditional GLD to support the currency------and confidence? Second thought was all these global CB's have obviously changed/expanded their priority to economy building taking over the politicians job. The question is just how long, & how well will this work out before we hit a very serious pothole? I can guarantee that market's manipulated to this extent never end well. CB's have raised the ante to a scary degree IMO. Can, & will they exit these holdings in a smooth & co-ordinated fashion? BEFORE the rush to the only truly safe haven of wealth preservation--- PM! [land is pretty good too] Personally I started using the metals 4-5 years ago strictly as a short term trading vehicle. Regardless of the shorter term volatility, after watching the way global conditions are unfolding i'm thinking a longer bullish time horizon is certainly called for right now. 'NESS,the comm. market is only a piece of the manipulation that is going on right now.

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