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  • clubfoolish clubfoolish May 29, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    This is not 'the' move

    This recent 25% up move (including the 10% rise today) is just the earliest stages of the move, and it will really get going when gold and silver finally break out to the upside again. The pieces are in place as of this Friday (we close the AUK deal), with LF continuing to ramp up now.

    This up move should be a long term grind, maybe ~2-3 years long, resulting in a new 7 yr high for HL stock, near $13-15 I'd guess.

    Baker knows it, that's why he bought 150,000 shares on the open market last month...that in addition to his regular discounted options.

    ignore the rest of the nonsense here, it's just noise, meant only to distract you.

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    • wed,afternoon. Nice move up in the morning, Sell off in the afternoon.....Day-traders ? Somebody is making money on this stock. This happens almost every time.Ugh !

    • Silver will start to see similar demand
      From Baron's
      Unprecedented levels of demand have been reported as buyers flock to gold retailers around the globe. As a result, stocks have been depleted in a number of key markets. Jewellery shops in China and India have run low or in some cases completely out of stock. Shortages of both large bars and kilo bars have been reported across a number of markets – with waiting times increasing dramatically as pressure is put on the gold supply chain – while western mints have had to cope with extraordinary demand for coins.

      Gold has been rapidly flowing into the major gold markets in order to meet this intense demand. In India, a market that represents 28% of consumer demand, imports of gold are headed towards record levels in Q2’13. We anticipate c. 300-400t of imports in the second quarter, as much as a 200% year-on-year increase and almost half of total imports last year. Latest available trade data show that imports into China from Hong Kong, that rose sharply in March, remain at extremely elevated levels.

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      • yeah, i avoided this stock for the last 4 yrs, HL was my first silver miner, then i got fed up with managememt and swithed to EXK and others. Still have a lot of EXK, but i bought back into HL earlier this week. I really like the AZK acquisition, that's like the first good move Baker has made in years, such a good move made me buy back into the stock

        still like EXK more, but really like all the gold production with the AZK deal, maybe that CEO can take over the reins from baker, that guy has some vision, anyway, i have always followed the company, applaud the decision to pay a dividend, and feel lucky to be able to buy in under $4, it's like you guys were just waiting for me or something, because the stock did basically nothing the whole time i was gone

        also bought back into CGR this week, that stock is so cheap it's a buy, sure, they got weak management, but i got back in for under 25 cents, so when you see a gold producer trading that cheap, you got to ask yourself, OK, how weak are they really???

        When a sector is as beat up as the PM miners are here, there are tremendous opportunities.

        Sure, the worry is that gold and silver will continue to tank, but if you keep the faith, gold and silver will hold up much much better than fiat currency backstopped by nothing but promises and ever-growing debt levels.


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    • If this is not "the move" then I can hardly wait !!! Ha hahahahaha

    • It would be nice to see some follow-up HL buying today, maybe a nice ~2% rise, with silver staying even or positive on the day?

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      • Ok, the AZK deal is done...we own 120,000+ ozs per year of gold production. That should grow to ~150,000 by end of 2013.
        They will pay for the bond payments by selling only approx 20,000 ozs of that gold per year (at current gold prices).

        seems a quality acquisition to me....especially as I think gold prices will be rising, sometimes quite a bit, over the next few years. The higher the gold price, the fewer gold ozs HL has to sell to pay off the bond issue.

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      • I agree. Last time I posted I think I mused about whether we were finally bottomed (around 3). Think so now and time to start buying again..... Best of luck longs!


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    • Buying Ag mining stocks at all time lows is a no brainer - once in a life time opportunity. IMHO CDE and EXK and even PAAS have a lot better management and a lot more upside than HL. I sold my JNJ, WM, PPL and VNQ stocks last month and bought more CDE, EXK, TC and a a few HL; also long ABX but ABX was not a good buy thou.

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    • IMO your empty conclusions mean nothing. IMO you are always on a 2-3 yr timeline, as shown by your exact same 2-3 yr timeline three years ago. IMO your timeline failed so you simply reset it to give the illusion that your analysis starts today. Three years ago you predicted Hecla would rocket to the moon but Hecla dropped from $11.5 where you bought all the way to the pathetic $3.8 it is at now. GLTU. SS

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    • obviously, that's AZK, not auk
      and it looks like 11%+ today, not 10%

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