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  • cei1963 cei1963 Jun 27, 2013 12:30 AM Flag

    clubfoolish, have you sold any hl or aunff shares

    I think now is the time to be buying more.


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    • Of course I've sold a bunch of HL over the past 2 yrs. I also donated a bunch (of my $1.25-1.30 shares) each of the last 3 tax yrs, and will do it again this yr. I sold tranches on the way down between roughly 9 and 6 (and put it into what has so far been miserable losers).
      Now have just a little below 25,000 (had well over 50,000 a couple of yrs ago).

      I'd compare between the "share price of HL today vs the status of current operations" against the "share price in early to mid-2009 vs the status of operations at that point".
      It's absurd where the stock price is again now.
      No basis in reality.

      No, haven't sold any yet - been accumulating and getting killed all the way down. Still getting killed, but it won't always be so. Have something like 15,000 there.

      Of *course* we should be buying everything PM we can afford to buy at current outrageously manipulated, 2008-low-like, prices. Consider this an opportunity akin to early 2009...amazing.
      I've been buying mostly more physical silver lately.


      My local coin shop stopped selling at $22/ they don't even come to work. Supply destruction of physical PMs is growing, and someday there will be wicked repercussions in the form of rocketing prices. Miners will eventually benefit huge again.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • club, do you still own any SAND?
        What do you think of it, and why it is still going down while other miners have turned positive today despite gold laying down another egg at 1200.
        Do you think 1200 will hold ?


      • Club,
        Your story resonates here. I was out of the market during the crash in 2008. With $600,000 in cash I started buying into the market. My first purchase was HL at $1.90. At one point I had over 120,000 shares. I started buying AG at $5.50 and eventually got to 25,000 shares as it rocketed up. I owned EXK, NGD and several others during the same time period. At the peak my portfolio was at $1,700,000 in less than 24 months. I sold $100,000 of my HL at $11.50 and invested in a private equity, gave $100,000 to a military charity I'm involved with, paid $10,000 for a funeral for close family friends that were strapped for cash, another $10,000 or so to some people that needed help and about $50,000 on ourselves. I did not get out when I should have in my positions and have gotten killed here even though I did lighten up a little and avoided some of the last 30% drop. I am now back to about where I started with $650,000 ($570,000 in cash and $80,00 in AG, HL, AUNFF, PGLC). I wish I had been a little better with my exit strategy, but still did over 50% from my original investments. Do I think I can get it back to where it was in the next 12 months? I'm confident I can get back to $1,200,000 - $1,300,000 with the BS take downs we have experienced. I am looking for entry points now. I am watching AGQ, NGD, AG, HL, and AUNFF to add. I'm going to add some physical gold and silver as well. For everyone that is about to throw up (including me) or already has watching these equities take heart. Several of us have seen this before and done well coming out of the ashes. I'll probably be a little less greedy this time, but I am very, very confident that there is some big money to be made in the sector over the next 12 months. GLTA

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