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  • axzl axzl Dec 12, 1999 7:06 AM Flag

    HL Preferred B

    HLPRB are availabe on yahoo stock quotes by
    typing in HL_pb. Also try HLPRB with your online

    Yes, I own it. However, I thought the bottom was $34
    after watching it decline from $48; but it is
    cumulative and convertible with no problem unless HL goes
    bellyup. It pays a great dividend at $27 and has
    tremendous upside capital gains potential IMO. Of course I
    am still thinking in the old value investment
    mentality. All the money is being made in the high flying
    stocks where value based on earnings means nothing. Just
    can't go there; must be too old to change! Scared to!

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    • Red Hat has a market cap of $17B currently.
      I'm not mistaken their latest quarter
      brought in
      a cool $14M. Although, the company
      continues to
      lose money...the analysts think
      the company will
      turn a profit in the year
      2001. Those zany

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      • CBS Market Watch mentioned on Saturday's
        broadcast that tech. fat investors would do well to turn to
        gold in 2000 to protect profits. CBS indicated gold
        demand currently exceeds supply and "insiders" suggest a
        gold turn around is coming sooner than later.

        They mentioned GSR and CBJ as companies poised to reap
        a big benefit but the boards seem to like HL, KRY,
        and CRRS.

        Just now beginning my gold education
        so I've posted the CBS note on a few boards to see
        what kind of takes people have.

        This board is a
        wonderfully refreshing change of pace from the psycho's who
        frequent the tech. sites.

    • Thanks for your reply. My purchase price was
      around $48. I probably should average down, but at 70, I
      don't have that much time to wait around. Today's
      price: unbelievable at $25 or so. 14% yield? At 14%,
      your investment doubles in 4 years.

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