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  • journeyi journeyi Apr 9, 2000 8:26 PM Flag

    fcarman1 change to journeyi

    Some time ago I posted a comment re HL management
    insider buying as an indicator of better times. Since
    this post I've read that HL board members are more
    financially capable of buying than management. It seems the
    point of my post was missed. Insiders include both
    management and board directors, the point is that it makes
    no sense for either to buy until there is some
    substance to justify the purchase. Again, I won't get
    excited about potential gains until I see insider
    purchasing. When the insiders believe the company is looking
    at better times I suspect both will find the money
    to buy.

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    • If raising interest rates is so great for
      preventing inflation, why is that strategy

      Simple possible answer: Raising interest rates lowers
      competition for money but does nothing about
      cartel-controlled oil. The prevailing attitude of the last year
      that has been saying the oil price doesn't matter is
      just as nuts, IMHO, as the dotcom/biotech valuations
      of last month.

      All goods and services are
      ultimately dependent on raw materials (mined or agricultural
      or timber), energy and labor. Inflation happens when
      companies or individuals start competing for genuinely
      scarce resources, such as these.

      The proximate
      cause of the higher inflation numbers looks to me to be
      higher oil prices, just like '79. Productivity is
      continuing to increase, so labor costs aren't a major
      factor. Other raw materials are mixed (nickel is up,
      copper is down) but there's just no getting around that
      oil price, which is a factor of production for
      everything, including services and other raw

      Furthermore, the oil price is an "artificial" event caused by
      a cartel rather than a "real" event caused by the
      normal interaction of free-market forces. Supply was
      artificially reduced over a very short period of time. This is
      not the usual model, which calls for demand to catch
      up to supply over a longer period, giving the
      markets a better chance to react.

      Therefore, I
      think it's starting to look like 1979 all over again.
      Even if interest rates slow down the economy,
      inflation will pick up anyhow.

    • After digesting the US news watch the Asian markets start pushing PM prices up on Sunday,
      followed by Europe.

    • Our little HL has been a turd floating in the
      market punch bowl for 10 years, but the inflation news
      and the tech crash could cause just the small spurt
      of sector rotation to metals that we need for a big
      price jump. This 100 year old NYSE company now has a
      market cap that is a small fraction of that of dozens of
      tech companies that are nothing more than a rented
      office and a dubious idea. If only a few of the legions
      of bitterly disappointed tech speculators get
      interested in the most excellent business of scraping
      precious metals and useful minerals out of the ground and
      selling them, we'll be in for a good ride.

    • Lets hope gold finally shines again..maybe the coming bear will make it glitter. It would be really nice to have moves like in year 1987 and 1993...doubles on that gold chart.

    • It seems some have viewed the 1806 post as a
      recommendation to sell HL. To the contrary! I believe HL is
      setting itself up to take advantage of any precious metal
      move and at the same time building a income base from
      the ball clay division that might well classify it as
      a long term growth company. I'm just saying I will
      not get excited about any kind of a sustain runup in
      price until I see insider buying. HL is a long term
      hold for my portfolio. I'm just disappointed
      management hasn't done a better job of promoting the clay
      division to brokers and impatient for a pay off on
      management moves to stim the long history of operating
      loses. Long HL, gentlemen!

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      • Of the bigger listed silver companies (CDE, SSC,
        HL, PAAS and SIL), HL is the only one that is no
        longer clearly in a long-term downtrend right now.
        Certainly, HL, along with the others, is down over the last
        year, but even if it isn't out of the downtrend yet (it
        isn't clear), it has at least flattened out better than
        the others over the last couple of months.

        these companies, HL is also the only one with a
        non-precious metals related revenue source.

        It seems
        reasonable to believe that all of these firms are suffering
        from the weakness in both Au and Ag over the last few
        weeks, along with a few unique problems like SSC's
        finances and PAAS' Russian difficulties.

        If so, the
        relative strength in HL's stock suggests that KT provides
        HL with a certain ability to hang in there (at least
        at this level) even if PM prices stay
        addition to being a potential growth opportunity on its

        Therefore, also long HL.

    • If you click on the chart link below, note the 4
      1/2 year period from 1988 to June 1992.
      ( 1992 was
      an election year ). Now note the 4
      year period
      from 1996 to 2000. ( 2000 is an election year ) If
      history repeats itself, sometime between now and June the
      Gold/Silver index should start

    • How natural a process (thinking about what they
      KNOW!) directors and managers transition to actually
      BUYING/INVESTING IN THEIR SECURITY, like common or preferred stock
      in HECLA, on the basis that they believe it DIRT
      CHEAP and that it's gotta GO UP! Unhappily, they have a
      DELAY PERIOD before they have to report their HL
      purchases PLUS can't be front running GOOD NEWS ~ they HAVE
      sitting on the sidelines pontificating HL ~ not buying it
      ~ because I'm a momentum player and am getting all
      the excitement an old man can cope with, with IWA,
      MMGG, SAFS and AGT... Who needs HL? Wait 'til Mr. COORS
      relates he's bought a BIG BLOCK, then we'll but TOO!
      Thanks, Journey! PEACE be upon your HAPPY HOME!

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      • I DO!!!!!

        Peacemobile...glad to hear of
        your successes in other stocks..let's hope HL can also
        be included someday...

        Funny...I was thinking
        of something to say, but I guess it's like a broken
        record (oops, I mean CD....I guess I'm dating

        Honestly, though, I am looking at this year as a crucial
        year for myself and my HL investment...since I have
        held it since '97, my long-term investment is getting
        longer every year...I need the action...I feel the "need
        for greed"...keep getting my financial magazines that
        identify all the new millionairs....why can't I be

        Well, I am off on my journey for this

        As always,

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